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Last 20 Forum Posts:
Post: 1
Hello from India
Last post by AdilTL in Introductions on Jan 20, 2018 at 08:04:46

Post: 2
Mafia LTSR Mod Soviet Lithuania
Last post by AMadeMan in Mafia Mods on Jan 17, 2018 at 00:54:22

Post: 3
Mafia Actually Really Remastered (By You, Not Yet)
Last post by AMadeMan in Mafia Mods on Jan 16, 2018 at 16:23:56

Post: 4
Lost Heaven Multiplayer [CANCELLED]
Last post by DavosWorks in Mafia Mods on Jan 15, 2018 at 11:02:40

Post: 5
Real Car Facing MOD v1.6
Last post by silent_gxg in Mafia Mods on Jan 13, 2018 at 21:21:42

Post: 6
Freeride Extreme expanded
Last post by brokenneedlecaa76 in Mafia Mods on Jan 12, 2018 at 19:04:21

Post: 7
Mazda RX-7 VeilSide Fortune (Tokyo Drift)
Last post by nesquik in Mafia Mods on Jan 12, 2018 at 15:07:29

Post: 8
Mafia Freeride-Expansion Country+city
Last post by Jaqub in Mafia Mods on Jan 11, 2018 at 12:39:35

Post: 9
Two connected Trams and not just one.
Last post by Muggy in Ask a Modder - Modding on Jan 10, 2018 at 22:36:40

Post: 10
Mafia freeride (also countryside) with all car types.
Last post by Renegade9313 in Mafia Mod Help on Jan 08, 2018 at 19:03:08

Post: 11
Mafia's cut racing mode - victory cutscene
Last post by semodo in Mafia 1 Game on Jan 07, 2018 at 11:56:05

Post: 12
M Editor
Last post by Revan31 in Mafia Mods on Jan 06, 2018 at 10:35:29

Post: 13
The Caliber - 3rd person Special Forces Shooter
Last post by nesquik in Games Off-Topic on Jan 04, 2018 at 19:58:17

Post: 14
Salvaging object data from the hex
Last post by ASM. in Ask a Modder - Tools on Jan 03, 2018 at 02:27:39

Post: 15
Beta leftover
Last post by Mytuss in Mafia I Help on Jan 01, 2018 at 20:45:52

Post: 16
mafia - maximum border map in freeride
Last post by Hans_Poskocil_ in Ask a Modder - Modding on Jan 01, 2018 at 17:51:22

Post: 17
Mafia 2 - the Scaletta pizzeria
Last post by AMadeMan in Mafia 2 Game on Dec 31, 2017 at 20:28:07

Post: 18
How do I open ped models?! [Mafia 1]
Last post by Jaqub in Mafia Mod Help on Dec 31, 2017 at 18:24:46

Post: 19
racing mod again?
Last post by brokenneedlecaa76 in Ask a Modder - Modding on Dec 31, 2017 at 10:14:26

Post: 20
Linking an object to a hand / Racing victory cutscene
Last post by semodo in Ask a Modder - Modding on Dec 30, 2017 at 17:14:02 Forums
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Ventilator shouts:
Spam Alert ...

Shouted at: 8:45am BST on Wed 12th Oct 2016

Muggy shouts:
Pretending that this new game from Hangar13 is not titled ***ia 3, it would be an OK game if it wasn't so damned repetitive and at times totally boring

Shouted at: 10:46pm BST on Tue 11th Oct 2016

Muggy shouts:
If as MatteoC has said, the game had been titled under another name, on its own merit it would have been alright but not good.

Shouted at: 8:13am BST on Mon 10th Oct 2016

samkilledpaulie shouts:
muggy , you are right . I watched mafia III on youtube .the most terrible thing i fear happend . thats mafia III . the mafia using M16 lol . mafia is no classy anymore . i miss good old italian mafia in prohibition era .

Shouted at: 7:23am BST on Mon 10th Oct 2016

samkilledpaulie shouts:
lolol . you are right . muggy . i am crying .

Shouted at: 7:16am BST on Mon 10th Oct 2016

Muggy shouts:
What do you mean Mafia 5 will be just a copy of GTA? Mafia III already is a near enough GTA clone circa 2008/9 Saints Row -blah! blah!. *sheesh!* Roll Eyes

Shouted at: 7:04am BST on Sun 9th Oct 2016

samkilledpaulie shouts:
are you talking about mafia III ? mafia 1 was like 1930s . mafia 2 was like 1950s (?) mafia 3 will be like 1970s (?) what mafia 4 will be? 1990s ? then mafia 5 will be just a copy of GTA . I liked how i could drive classic cars from 1930s on mafia 1 . I d

Shouted at: 4:41am BST on Sun 9th Oct 2016

huckleberrypie shouts:
I have mixed feelings about the game in general. On one hand it looks good, and they did seem to tackle racism well, but on the other hand, it's just another generic revenge story.

Shouted at: 1:30pm BST on Sat 8th Oct 2016

Muggy shouts:
Mafia III is a CON.... soledout game. The devs have ignored the im-PORT-ance of dedicated PC gaming. Tbth I hope it flops..but it probably won't - Hey Ho! Roll Eyes

Shouted at: 12:09am BST on Fri 7th Oct 2016

MatteoCapoletti shouts:
You know both Mafia 2 and Three would be "Better Games" in my mind if they didn't pretend to be sequels of THE game

Shouted at: 12:02am BST on Thu 6th Oct 2016

samkilledpaulie shouts:
mafia 1 is better than mafia 2 . mafia 2 will be better than mafia 3 . lol .

Shouted at: 11:25am BST on Sat 1st Oct 2016

badyorker12 shouts:
Mafia 1 is still the best

Shouted at: 5:11am BST on Fri 23rd Sep 2016

badyorker12 shouts:

Shouted at: 5:10am BST on Fri 23rd Sep 2016

samkilledpaulie shouts:

Shouted at: 11:27am BST on Thu 22nd Sep 2016

ZaKlaus shouts:
Hey! How are you guys?

Shouted at: 8:36pm BST on Thu 15th Sep 2016

Muggy shouts:
Ah yes, BF Don't mention the war.

Shouted at: 1:14pm BST on Thu 15th Sep 2016

AsaSK shouts:

Shouted at: 10:05am BST on Thu 15th Sep 2016

Muggy shouts:
t'is but a scratch - running away eh! (Codsworth's John Cleese impressions)

Shouted at: 4:05am BST on Wed 7th Sep 2016

Dr_Pentothal shouts:
thanks for helping guys, I am happy to say my problem is now fixed Smile I look forward to further exploring the world of Mafia modding

Shouted at: 12:27pm BST on Fri 26th Aug 2016

Dr_Pentothal shouts:
Hello, I haven't played Mafia or been here in a few years. It's good to see not much has changed except it's really quiet..... I'm having some trouble using texture mods so I posted a topic,, if anyone can help I'd appreciate it greatly

Shouted at: 5:41pm BST on Wed 24th Aug 2016

Muggy shouts:
USSR Mod Alpha now in the downloads thanks to TurboBrno1989 Smile

Shouted at: 4:34pm BST on Tue 23rd Aug 2016

Gyuszi89 shouts:
Good old days!!! Smile

Shouted at: 11:15am BST on Mon 22nd Aug 2016

Gyuszi89 shouts:
Good to be back here on the site!!! Just now put the game on my new laptop, and I need some serious mod Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

Shouted at: 11:14am BST on Mon 22nd Aug 2016

taylordriven1930 shouts:
come out come out whereever you are hehe where are u all

Shouted at: 8:16pm BST on Sat 13th Aug 2016

taylordriven1930 shouts:
where qare these links posted ill have a look to them

Shouted at: 7:08pm BST on Sun 7th Aug 2016

Gaurav90 shouts:
I have provided approx. 70 mods link but none of them shown on download section

Shouted at: 6:31pm BST on Sat 30th Jul 2016

Mr Robville shouts:
Been a couple months since I spoke with Joshua but I still have his contact info.

Shouted at: 8:13am BST on Thu 28th Jul 2016

AsaSK shouts:
Does anyone still have contact with anyone from

Shouted at: 9:24am BST on Wed 27th Jul 2016

Muggy shouts:
Dawn of the dead Mod v.2 now fixed.

Shouted at: 7:08am BST on Tue 19th Jul 2016

Muggy shouts:
we have passed the 4000 mark

Shouted at: 7:08am BST on Sun 17th Jul 2016

AsaSK shouts:
University work finished for the summer, let the modding commence!

Shouted at: 11:47am BST on Sat 16th Jul 2016

AsaSK shouts:
Again, unfortunately they are not single files. Copy 'scene.4ds' from missions\freeride into the models folder and then insert in World Editor

Shouted at: 2:38pm BST on Fri 15th Jul 2016

vikiCZE shouts:
and insert the grass goes after that I will go because I have a clear mission and then just walk the sky do not know how there will give grass or concrete ???? Thanks, and in what folder it is ???

Shouted at: 10:47am BST on Fri 15th Jul 2016

AsaSK shouts:
Unfortunately roads and sidewalks are all in one file as one model, you can't insert individual roads 😊

Shouted at: 3:26am BST on Fri 15th Jul 2016

vikiCZE shouts:
im edit in a mafia1 world editor how to get sidewalk and road help me pls

Shouted at: 4:30pm BST on Thu 14th Jul 2016

taylordriven1930 shouts:
its been quiet this week

Shouted at: 10:48pm BST on Tue 12th Jul 2016

AsaSK shouts:
There were a few missions ported to Mafia 1 if I remember correctly, the prison mission being one of them.

Shouted at: 7:03pm BST on Sun 3rd Jul 2016

taylordriven1930 shouts:
mafia 2 in mafia LS3D engine now thats somthing i gotta see im looking forward to the new car facing project

Shouted at: 11:43am BST on Sun 3rd Jul 2016

priatnia2 shouts:
I see wonderfull example of equality, solidarity and lack of prejudice among the nations !

Shouted at: 2:51pm BST on Fri 1st Jul 2016

kevinmeeks1 shouts:
I'm so pumped for the Titanic md to come out, but I also just found out about a project where these guys remade Mafia 2 in Mafia's engine, so I'm not sure which one I'd rather have lol. Mafia 2 with nostalgia, or Mafia with a whole new storyboard.

Shouted at: 6:42pm BST on Wed 29th Jun 2016

AsaSK shouts:
@Muggy Teeheehee

Shouted at: 4:26pm BST on Mon 27th Jun 2016

taylordriven1930 shouts:
im comfused lol

Shouted at: 11:09pm BST on Sat 25th Jun 2016

Muggy shouts:
you're just being BAO Asa

Shouted at: 4:29pm BST on Sat 25th Jun 2016

AsaSK shouts:
Cooooooool? Yes or no?

Shouted at: 7:35am BST on Sat 25th Jun 2016

taylordriven1930 shouts:
what the news this week guys

Shouted at: 6:37pm BST on Fri 24th Jun 2016

taylordriven1930 shouts:
well thats that its best at the mods are brilliant ive been playing mafia since 2002 since i was 12 am 26 next two months n i still think its a briilliant game am actually thinking if they would release a remaster to next gen consoles that would be epic

Shouted at: 11:45am BST on Sat 18th Jun 2016

Muggy shouts:
Unfortunately time moves on; people move on. Yes it would be nice to go back to the good ol' times but we have to face reality. There are a few still that are die-hard fans - but a lot of us are older. At least the modding community is still thriving. Wink

Shouted at: 11:40pm BST on Thu 16th Jun 2016

taylordriven1930 shouts:
yeah muggy i am bored, i miss the good old days of mafia scene Sad

Shouted at: 9:46pm BST on Thu 16th Jun 2016

Muggy shouts:
Why, you bored or sumfin' ? LOL - Laugh out Loud

Shouted at: 6:33pm BST on Sun 12th Jun 2016

taylordriven1930 shouts:
why so quiet

Shouted at: 11:42pm BST on Sat 11th Jun 2016


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Jaqub shouts:

Shouted at: 4:30pm GMT on Wed 20th Dec 2017

AsaSK shouts:
mod is dead?

Shouted at: 3:04am GMT on Sat 16th Dec 2017

Muggy shouts:
O' the dic dic dictionary is very necessary!

Shouted at: 8:52am GMT on Wed 13th Dec 2017

AsaSK shouts:
Sorry, might have to delay on that promise - tried to install USB 3.0 today and caused PC problems..

Shouted at: 6:32pm GMT on Thu 7th Dec 2017

AsaSK shouts:
Something exciting is coming tomorrow...

Shouted at: 6:25pm GMT on Wed 6th Dec 2017

AsaSK shouts:
Unfortunately it's AMD, otherwise Shadowplay would have been first choice. Does it do uncompressed video?

Shouted at: 11:02am GMT on Mon 4th Dec 2017

lostinmafia_heav... shouts:
If you happen to have a Nvidia card, i'd recommend shadowplay

Shouted at: 5:01pm GMT on Sun 3rd Dec 2017

AsaSK shouts:
After ten years I've made the switch from Fraps to Dxtory, only to find that my HDD write speed is too slow. Ext. HDD & USB 3 ports it is, then.

Shouted at: 6:16pm GMT on Sat 2nd Dec 2017

AsaSK shouts:
Ah thanks for reminding me, I'll give it a watch

Shouted at: 10:19pm GMT on Fri 24th Nov 2017

Muggy shouts:
He gives a very good review of both the original lincensed version and the GOG one as well.

Shouted at: 5:56am GMT on Thu 16th Nov 2017

AsaSK shouts:
Do you know I did wonder whether that was the same Mack, still haven't watched his review because I'm a coward.

Shouted at: 5:33am GMT on Thu 16th Nov 2017

Muggy shouts:
Yeah that was the first ever Mafia site before LH. Mack who does Worth a Buy was the Webmaster of Mafia World; created before the game was released - originally there was supposed to be multiplayer apparently.

Shouted at: 4:54am GMT on Thu 16th Nov 2017

AsaSK shouts:
This made me laugh, oh hindsight LOL - Laugh out Loud [http://archiv afia.3dactionp lanet.gamespy. com/multifeat. htm]

Shouted at: 4:32am GMT on Thu 16th Nov 2017

AsaSK shouts:
LOL - Laugh out Loud

Shouted at: 3:30am GMT on Sun 12th Nov 2017

Muggy shouts:
reledozmed - two to be taken before meals.

Shouted at: 1:10am GMT on Sat 11th Nov 2017

AsaSK shouts:

Shouted at: 12:12am GMT on Sat 11th Nov 2017

Numero8 shouts:

Shouted at: 7:44pm GMT on Thu 9th Nov 2017

Muggy shouts:
Couldn't believe it, my Palit Geforce GTX 970 just died. Fortunately still had my EVGA GTX 760 in my old PC so installed that until I get another GPU.

Shouted at: 4:28pm GMT on Wed 1st Nov 2017

AsaSK shouts:
We took a blow around 2010 when the host went down and in the 3-year gap that followed we lost the forums, gallery, downloads & most of our site traffic. We've been slowly but surely climbing back up since then! Some of the best Mafia minds are here Wink

Shouted at: 12:38pm GMT on Sun 29th Oct 2017

Okcaz shouts:
I havent been on this site since 2004. Looks like it hasnt changed a bit.

Shouted at: 4:50am BST on Mon 23rd Oct 2017

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