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Ikarus Mod v1 Image

Ikarus Mod v1

Author: Neutral, pinkshit
Size: 53.41MB
Added on: 27 Jan 2014
Downloaded: 245 times

Ikarus Mod changes Lost Heaven into Budapest from socialist era.
Various elements of the city were replaced by models treated such as tram, metro, and almost all cars, more contemporary, dating the socialist era of Budapest. You will also have the opportunity to take the place of a driver of a bus and pick up pedestrians while visiting some of the city.

Download Ikarus Mod v1!
Car View Interior Mod Image

Car View Interior Mod

Author: sgt.flippy
Size: 2.39MB
Added on: 23 Jan 2014
Downloaded: 574 times

This mod allows for a camera angle to be observed from the interior of an unmodified (original) car in Mafia I.

Download Car View Interior Mod!
UAZ Professional Carpack Image

UAZ Professional Carpack

Author: temp
Size: 43.87MB
Added on: 20 Jan 2014
Downloaded: 214 times

This modification is a set of all vehicles from the game "Full drive: UAZ 4x4" (Including the additions of "Ural appeal") and it replaces all the traffic in Mafia.

Download UAZ Professional Carpack!
FlatOut Cars Mod Image

FlatOut Cars Mod

Author: temp
Size: 67.71MB
Added on: 20 Jan 2014
Downloaded: 108 times

This modification is a set of vehicles of the games FlatOut and FlatOut 2. Naturally all the machines would not be able to do, so here are just a few models of these games - a total of 24 pieces, each machine 5-7 colorings, ie total of 141 cars!

Download FlatOut Cars Mod!
80's Mod Image

80's Mod

Author: Deanna Troi
Size: 308.99MB
Added on: 16 Jan 2014
Downloaded: 759 times

This mod will turn 1930's Lost Heaven into 1980's Lost Heaven.
All the 1930's cars have been changed to the cars from the
1960s, 1970s, and the 1980s. There are also one 1990's
(and one 2000s) cars present in this mod, but these are
presented as "prototypes" of this mod. Also most of the
buildings have been re-textured.

Download 80's Mod!
70's Mod v1.5 Image

70's Mod v1.5

Author: 70's Mod Team
Size: 98.23MB
Added on: 16 Jan 2014
Downloaded: 452 times

The 70s mod v1.5 changes many vehicles, their handling, weapons, sounds and even game menu!

Download 70's Mod v1.5!
60's Mod v2 Image

60's Mod v2

Author: MafiaMan9mm, priatnia, Axel Rokus, menju
Size: 521.66MB
Added on: 15 Jan 2014
Downloaded: 445 times

A Mafia Mod 1950-1972. The 60s mod version 2 exchanges
many vehicles, scripts and skins in Mafia, also adds new
effects, gangs, detectives and catapults for a more
challenging Freeride game. The handling of cars and driving
has been further improved from the version 1.

Download 60's Mod v2!
Water Shader Mod Image

Water Shader Mod

Author: Mr F
Size: 63.9MB
Added on: 12 Jan 2014
Downloaded: 1320 times

It's one of the best modifications made for Mafia
so far, I think. It gives the game a new life and
refreshes it a lot. Mr F squeezed as much as he
could from the old DirectX 8 and using a shader
he created an amazing effect.

Download Water Shader Mod!
The Commission Mod Part III Image

The Commission Mod Part III

Author: RubyDragon949
Size: 72.9MB
Added on: 18 Jul 2013
Downloaded: 541 times

The thrilling final part in this series of mods - Franco has
returned to Sultant City to live with the consequences
of his actions, but is seemingly unaware of the even
greater threat laying closer to home. Just how will this
complicated web of events come to a close?

Download The Commission Mod Part III!
The Commission Mod Part II Image

The Commission Mod Part II

Author: RubyDragon949
Size: 365.99MB
Added on: 18 Jul 2013
Downloaded: 547 times

Continue the recollections of Franco, as he tells the tale
of finding fortune in Lost Heaven, only to have it all taken
away and also organising a coup to take over Morello's
empire with his friend, Giovanni. The decisions he makes
however will ultimately leave him a bind between love and

...Which will he decide?

Download The Commission Mod Part II!
The Commission Mod Part I Image

The Commission Mod Part I

Author: RubyDragon949
Size: 151.13MB
Added on: 18 Jul 2013
Downloaded: 793 times

Step into the shoes of Franco Phillipinno. A loyal soldier, fearless
assassin, and overall trusted member of the Grannoli Organisation
as he relives the past 6 months of his life that has seen his
personal life deteriorate, his gang go to war with rivals and an
unpredicted set of circumstances which sees him leave Sultant
City for the shores of Lost Heaven where he takes up a post
working for the Morello Syndicate.

Download The Commission Mod Part I!
Change of Day Mod Image

Change of Day Mod

Author: Pinkshit
Size: 223.94KB
Added on: 12 Apr 2013
Downloaded: 280 times

In Freeride and Freeride Noc, this enables you to interchange between daylight and night

Download Change of Day Mod!
1930s Car Pack Mod Image

1930s Car Pack Mod

Author: Tommy1991
Size: 28.74MB
Added on: 12 Apr 2013
Downloaded: 413 times

This simple mod will be pleasing to those who prefer to keep to the time era that Mafia The City of Lost Heaven is set.

Download 1930s Car Pack Mod!
Mafia Traffic Mod version 2.5 Image

Mafia Traffic Mod version 2.5

Author: MattyDienhoff
Size: 8.97MB
Added on: 06 Mar 2013
Downloaded: 487 times

(From the readme)

From the very beginning I was annoyed by the lack of variety of cars in free ride.
With over 60 cars in Mafia there are very few found in free ride traffic. No more.
There are now far more vehicles than before. In various colors.
I also balanced out the realism, no longer do you find luxury cars
around every corner in the works quarter during a depression. There are still
luxury cars, but they are heavily outnumbered by cheaper vehicles.

Yes, a simple mod. But for those of you who care about the little details like I do.
This is for you!


Download Mafia Traffic Mod version 2.5!
Mafia Classic Mod Deluxe Image

Mafia Classic Mod Deluxe

Author: Neutral, Pinkshit & Ejay
Size: 214.45MB
Added on: 06 Mar 2013
Downloaded: 547 times

Test download: This really good mod based on the beta version of Mafia CoLH
was created by Neutral, Pinkshit & Ejay in 2005

Download Mafia Classic Mod Deluxe!
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