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Tools - 40 download(s) across 3 page(s)
TreeRE 4.1.2 English Image

TreeRE 4.1.2 English

Author: Akai & Golod55
Size: 71.29KB
Added on: 13 Apr 2014
Downloaded: 69 times

TreeRE is used for creating collissions.
Although not being used anymore since the Mafia World Editor came out (which includes collission creation), it could sometimes help setting up a fresh and empty Tree.KLZ

Download TreeRE 4.1.2 English!
CHG Editor v3.0 Image

CHG Editor v3.0

Author: Driv1r
Size: 279.86KB
Added on: 13 Apr 2014
Downloaded: 224 times

It's an editor of the *.chg (DIFF) files and it supports the following types of objects:
- Model Objects (creating, editing)
- Sounds (editing)
- Standart Objects (creating, editing)
- Enemy (creating, editing)
- Car (creating, editing)
- Player (at the moment there is only information about its presence / absence)
- Script (creating, editing)
- Subframe effect (creating, editing)
Removing objects by pressing Delete.

Download CHG Editor v3.0!
UDD  Image


Author: GOLOD55
Size: 2.62MB
Added on: 22 May 2013
Downloaded: 388 times

This tool including DC||ED enables you to increase the draw distance in Mafia CoLH.
You can also make a variety of other changes to the game with DC||ED.

Download UDD !
Zmodeler 1.07b Image

Zmodeler 1.07b

Author: Oleg
Size: 1.36MB
Added on: 27 Feb 2013
Downloaded: 302 times

Useful tool for converting .4ds Models from and into Mafia.

Download Zmodeler 1.07b!
4DS Unlocker Image

4DS Unlocker

Author: Pashtet
Size: 205.08KB
Added on: 26 Feb 2013
Downloaded: 256 times

A very handy tool which can unlock most of the *.4ds files.

Download 4DS Unlocker!
Mafia Data Xtractor 1.1 Image

Mafia Data Xtractor 1.1

Author: MassaSnygga
Size: 25.86KB
Added on: 25 Feb 2013
Downloaded: 876 times

A tool for extracting all of the games files for modding (v1.1 of mafia).

Download Mafia Data Xtractor 1.1!
Mafia Data Xtractor 1.0 Image

Mafia Data Xtractor 1.0

Author: MassaSnygga
Size: 25.86KB
Added on: 25 Feb 2013
Downloaded: 523 times

With this tool you can extract the .dta files to mod Mafia.

Download Mafia Data Xtractor 1.0!
New caralias for Mafiacon Image

New caralias for Mafiacon

Author: vapen
Size: 2.44KB
Added on: 25 Feb 2013
Downloaded: 118 times

This new caralias for the Mafiacon tool fixes very minor typos and adds a few extras car colors.

Download New caralias for Mafiacon!
Mafia Mod Uninstaller Image

Mafia Mod Uninstaller

Size: 145.58KB
Added on: 25 Feb 2013
Downloaded: 164 times

Use this program to uninstall all mods for Mafia. It basically deletes all new folders, but keeps rw_data modded for future mods.

Download Mafia Mod Uninstaller!
Mafia Hack v1.03 Image

Mafia Hack v1.03

Author: MMC & ASM
Size: 37.92KB
Added on: 25 Feb 2013
Downloaded: 206 times

MafiaHack is a mod development tool for editing the characteristics of actors, determining their positions, and includes a trainer for simplifying the tasks needed to get your information. More information is provided in the readme. For Mafia players, MafiaHack is the only 1.1 trainer which will preserve your health, along with many other options. It is a fine trainer, too. Furthermore some actor properties like speed are pretty fun for a while. It will work with ALL versions of Mafia. This download is presented in a .rar archive as per the wishes of the author, more details are available within the .zip.

Download Mafia Hack v1.03!
MafiaCon V1.2 Image

MafiaCon V1.2

Author: ASM
Size: 350.28KB
Added on: 25 Feb 2013
Downloaded: 327 times

This is probably one of the best tools you could download for Mafia. MafiaCon1.2 gives you an in-game console allowing you to change the way you play like never before... Now you have the ability to input commands as you play whether you want to cheat or just fly around Lost Heaven... Yes I said FLY. It's all here in this fantastic tool by ASM MafiaCon1.2 supports v1.0, v1.1 and v1.2 of Mafia. Get it NOW.. Highly Recommended.

Download MafiaCon V1.2!
Mafia Text Editor Image

Mafia Text Editor

Author: Bibber
Size: 376.19KB
Added on: 25 Feb 2013
Downloaded: 184 times

Find and edit text easily in Mafia. Great little tool.

Download Mafia Text Editor!
Mafia Mod Installer Image

Mafia Mod Installer

Author: Bruno
Size: 225.69KB
Added on: 25 Feb 2013
Downloaded: 173 times

Perhaps you know it from Modern Mod. It's a program for installing mods. If you work on a mod, then you can use this program to have a setup program for your mod. It is necessairy to edit the setup.ini file.

Download Mafia Mod Installer!
Mafia Car Mod Installer Image

Mafia Car Mod Installer

Author: Bruno
Size: 221.44KB
Added on: 25 Feb 2013
Downloaded: 198 times

There are 2 new features in this version. You can write 2 authors and their mail addresses if you have a converted car and the author wnats to be named. The second feature are the "addoncolors". The user can choose between 4 more colors (mostly used for tuning cars).

Download Mafia Car Mod Installer!
Mafia Car Adder/Remover 0.62 Beta Image

Mafia Car Adder/Remover 0.62 Beta

Author: Bibber
Size: 2B
Added on: 25 Feb 2013
Downloaded: 246 times

Allows you to easily add and remove cars. Supports English, French, and German users.

Download Mafia Car Adder/Remover 0.62 Beta!
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17th October 2003
 Shout Box
AMadeMan shouts:
I took a look at the page a few times. Very cool finds, I wonder if there is more to be discovered?

Shouted at: 2:00am BST on Thu 16th Aug 2018

Muggy shouts:
you should take a look at the Easter Eggs section under Mafia I Tips & Tutorials on this page (left-hand side) AMadeMan. Wink

Shouted at: 6:30am BST on Wed 15th Aug 2018

AMadeMan shouts:
I only found out recently that in the mission Ordinary Routine at Clark's motel, you could shoot the light hanging above the bar and set it on fire killing the guy with a tommy gun.

Shouted at: 12:09am BST on Wed 15th Aug 2018

AsaSK shouts:
Totally, I remember my first time hearing the sex sounds from behind some of the bedroom doors in Mission 8 :J

Shouted at: 12:47pm BST on Mon 13th Aug 2018

AMadeMan shouts:
Small details like that are another thing that makes this game special.

Shouted at: 6:37pm BST on Sun 12th Aug 2018

Muggy shouts:
At the end of the race when the cutscene shows Tommy getting the cup and you hear the crowd cheering if you listen you can also hear someone booing as well LOL - Laugh out Loud

Shouted at: 2:07am BST on Sun 12th Aug 2018

AMadeMan shouts:
With Neutral's Real Car Facing Mods first person cab view, the force feedback steering wheel can be even more realistic

Shouted at: 2:27am BST on Sat 11th Aug 2018

Hunter shouts:
I saw that. Impressive that he won THE RACE but he didn't play it on "extreme." Grumble.

Shouted at: 4:01am BST on Fri 10th Aug 2018

AsaSK shouts:
There's a video knocking around on YT of a Russian racing car driver actually playing the race with a force-feedback steering wheel. Makes for an entertaining watch..

Shouted at: 10:16am BST on Mon 6th Aug 2018

AMadeMan shouts:
It took me a few tries to complete it. I remember how pissed I was when I spun out on the last lap at the section that goes down hill with a sharp left.

Shouted at: 8:56pm BST on Sun 5th Aug 2018

Mnich shouts:
Damn that racing mission, haha. It was a reason I threw away Mafia for a few years, only to get back to it and win in a first try.

Shouted at: 11:44am BST on Sun 5th Aug 2018

AsaSK shouts:
3 hours for a 900mb YT upload.. I hate my internet connection.

Shouted at: 5:06pm BST on Fri 3rd Aug 2018

AMadeMan shouts:
Wasn't it in v1.1 or 1.2 where they added a difficulty option? I always played it on either easy or medium.

Shouted at: 7:28pm BST on Thu 2nd Aug 2018

AsaSK shouts:
I had no idea, but then I came to the game comparatively late in 2007. Even then I had to use the dev exploit on my first few playthroughs..

Shouted at: 12:26pm BST on Tue 31st Jul 2018

Muggy shouts:
Indeed, plus until the official patch v1.1 was released if you failed to win the race you could not progress in the game, which was very frustrating for a lot of people.

Shouted at: 11:03pm BST on Mon 30th Jul 2018

AsaSK shouts:
Here's the thing, it was a great part of the game that shook up the story formula and game mechanics, and was a really interesting plot device to continue the narrative off the back of, but it's not the whole ****gin' game.

Shouted at: 3:14pm BST on Mon 30th Jul 2018

AMadeMan shouts:
And here I thought racing in Mafia was looked down upon

Shouted at: 4:44am BST on Mon 30th Jul 2018

Muggy shouts:
There is so much more to Mafia CoLH than just the goddamn racing!

Shouted at: 7:01am BST on Sun 29th Jul 2018

AsaSK shouts:
Sorry about my behaviour, doc. I'm on allergy medication and I'm not supposed to drink fifteen shots of tequila when I'm on it.

Shouted at: 11:51pm BST on Mon 23rd Jul 2018

Muggy shouts:
Oh well, maybe next time! Sad However credit due, England weren't totally disgraced.

Shouted at: 5:03am BST on Thu 12th Jul 2018

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