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 Game Tips  

General Tips
- when reloading always try to hide behind walls, buildings, cars etc to take cover as reloading takes a long time.

- remember that the opponents must reload as well. Use this reading time to shoot, in order to avoid being hit.

- when shooting always aim at the head or chest as this will kill quicker and will save ammunition.

- in missions without time limit you should always explore the environment first.

- you should always try if possible to be quiet as possible so not to draw attention. The baseball or knife bat is best suited for this.

- always attack from the rear with the baseball bat. From the back it is deadly upon impact whereas it hardly takes any damage off from the front.

- if you are being chased on foot you should run backwards and strike/fire at the same time. You can hold the opponents distance and can flee at the same time.

- always pays attention to your fellow players. In many missions one in the team can obstruct your aim. If your fellow player dies, the mission is failed.

- in missions without a time limit you should make use of the speed limiter. Nothing is more annoying as being on the way back of a successful mission by the police because of speed infringement. It makes no difference if you drive on the sidewalk, as long as you obey the speed limit.

- case one to have nevertheless times too fast driven should or the like can one the punishing notes also pay. After the third punishing note it will want however the policeman too much and it you to arrest.

- some of the objects on the streets are destructible like telephone boxes and fire-hydrants, everything else is indestructible. This is useful in pursuits. Drive as closely as possible by street lamps and edges of buildings in hope that your pursuers crash into them.

- trolleys brake for nobody, including policemen.

- after a mission always pay a visit to Bertone\'s Autoservice, in order to find a bonus mission. If you complete it, he tells you how to pick the locks of faster cars and the location of them.

Free Ride
- where do I get weapons? Travel to Twister in Hoboken. In the lane by the right of Twister is a steel door, this leads to Yellow Pete\'s. Everyone who has played mission 19, knows of this anyway.

- why can\'t I save? As with everything in the free ride you must also pay for saving. As soon as you have $2000 drive to Salieri\'s bar and click on the front entrance.

- where can I get money? There are many ways to obtain money, among other things taxi driving or blowing a car up. Most simple is driving fast, as soon as your car hit 70mph or above you get money for each second you maintain this speed. You can also gain $500 for each gangster you kill.

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