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 Installing and using mods  
General info
ATTENTION! MafiaDataXtractor v.1.0 isn't suitable for this tutorial. V.1.0 doesn't update Mafia thus that you don't need to extract
*.dta archives which can take space almost 2,9 gigabytes. It slows the game considerably and takes needless space from your
hard-drive. So use the version 1.1. You will get useful tips and extra information from the readme.txt which comes with the program.

Mafia holds all the game files in the *.dta archives. Because the idea of mods is to change/edit the files in the game you need to
get the files suitable for editing. That is what you need DataXtractor for. Here's an example how almost every mod will be installed.
The example guides you through the installation of Alfa Romeo Guilietta Spider. Download the car now if you don't have it yet.

Installing the mods
•1. Download, install and run Mafia DataXtractor v.1.1

•2. Close the program WITHOUT DOING ANYTHING. The program patches Mafia in the start-up so you can create the folders you
use. So don't extract any *.dta files.

•3. Extract the *.zip file which you got from downloading the car.

•4. Open the folder where you extracted the car's *.zip file. It should contain two folders, a 'Maps'-folder and a 'Models'-folder.
There's may also be a readme.txt. Copy these two folders directly to your Mafia-folder (it's the folder where's mafia.exe). If you
already have 'maps'- and/or 'models'-folder in your Mafia-folder, copy the files from the 'maps'-folder you got from the *.zip file
into the folder in the Mafia-folder. Do the same thing with the files in 'models'-folder. Now the car has been installed!

Using the cars
The new car always replaces a car which is in the game already. If the file in the 'Models'-folder is named for example
'arrow00.4ds'; it means that it replaces the Silver Fletcher. If you choose Silver Fletcher in the Free Ride menu you will get to
drive the new car you just installed. If you don't know the what file name means what car model go through car encyclopaedia
in the game and you'll see which car has been replaced by the new one.

Using other mods
Installation of all mods will happen in the same way. You copy the files which came with the mod to the right folders and that's it.
Using isn't any more difficult. You run Mafia and play the game normally. You don't need to activate the mod separately, it's already
installed and it'll work with all game modes. You can use many mods at the same time if they don't mod the same files. For instance
you can use Brandnames V2-mod which changes some textures in Lost Heaven and at the same time you can use Sky Mod which
changes the sky of the Mafia world. ATTENTION! Some mods will come with an *.exe?file. Read the readme.txt for further instructions
in this case. The principals of installation will remain the same.

Uninstalling the mods
If you want to uninstall the mod(s) you've installed and return the game to it's original stage delete all the folder's you've created, for
example the 'Maps'-folder and 'Models'-folder (most of the mods will be installed in these two folders). After the uninstallation the game
uses files from the *.dta archives, not those you installed in the folders you manually created. If you have many mods in use and you
only want to remove one of them delete all the files from the folders you've created. Then copy the files of the mod you want to use
back in to those folders. You basically re-install the mods. That's the reason why it's wise to always copy the files in to the folders and
restore the original *.zip file somewhere else.

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