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 The City  

By current standards, individual buildings in our game are worked out in unbelievable detail. We are basing the designs of the buildings on historical photographs; we have at our disposal photographs and drawings of a great number of government's architectural developments from the thirties. The textures are very fine and photo-realistic even the case of very ordinary buildings. They are not simply photographed, however. We have taken great care with tuning the and contrasts of all of the textures, paid great attention to their mapping, and to all other graphical aspects. We are creating tens of varieties of houses, apartment buildings, skyscrapers, and other buildings. There are many unique buildings in this game: cinemas, hotels, churches, fire stations, theatres, banks, and so on, which assist the player as points for orientation and are never repeated.

Tens of vehicles move through the town, pedestrians walk around, and the police maintain law and order. If the player commits an offence or crime in public, the police pursue him. Apart from the ordinary traffic, we are also busy creating a model of a public transport system. The player will be able to move around not only on foot or by driving a car but he will also be able to use a tram or elevated railway.

Indoor Locations
The buildings, in which missions will take place, are in a class of their own. There will be about thirty of them scattered around the town. These buildings are worked out down to the last detail, and in quality they are near rendered animation, because in the enclosed areas we can afford the maximum number of
polygons. These are buildings such as a pseudo Gothic church, a disreputable hotel, a huge Town Gallery, disused prison, a motel, apartments of the main characters, and docks. Their design is realistic an logical so that the player can orient himself in the environment. The days of many hours of play spent wandering through confusing mazes are gone.

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just added another video to my \'Unique Details\' series, thread didn\'t bump since no double-post allowed

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Performance is better in Mafia 2. My laptop isn\'t blasting hot air anymore

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tell me more

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For those interested - part 3 of my mod is out! Smile

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Mafia Trilogy Remastered! Wink

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Mafia World Editor

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Stay safe and keep your distance, folks!

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For some reasons, new posts don\'t show up for me as unread - ay chance of this being fixed?

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Thanks, you too Smile

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Stay safe in these Corona times.

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Ahoj, Milacku!

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Yo! Any Czech speakers around? Smile

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sure, sorry fot that Smile

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Hi Mike, please do not put URL links in the shoutbox. Thanks Smile If you want to send me a PM with that link I will have a look. Wink

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