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3d Avenue - Rating: 92%
Comparing Mafia to GTA3 works in many ways, although in a wider sense Mafia is most certainly out of GTA3's league. The story is rock solid, the characters have depth and the fighting and driving subsystems are executed with precision. With a few minor quirks put aside, the combination of all these elements makes for one hell of a game. Mafia isn't just a presence, it's a way of life.

Elited - Rating: 91%
Many details about Mafia make it such a fun game to play. Believe me, there is so much more that I have not even included in this review. This game puts you in the life of the Mafia, this means deceit, money, death, and always looking over your shoulder. I have a few friends who *gasp* are not really gamers, but once they saw Mafia I could not get them off of my computer. Illusion and God Games have done a spectacular job on this one. Live life on the edge, join the Mafia.

Game Power - Rating: 95%
When it boils down to it, Mafia is quite simply one of the best PC games to release this year. It may not incorporate Grand Theft Auto III's open-ended game play, so gamers may feel a little restricted at times, but its action sequences and cinematic direction take the action genre to new level. If you're in the market for an original, compelling, flat-out gorgeous action game, it's hard not to recommend Mafia - it's a surprise hit that PC gamers shouldn't overlook.

Gamespot - Rating: 93%
Someday, some developer will successfully integrate the nonlinear portions of Grand Theft Auto III and the incredible action sequences of Mafia. Until that time, you can consider the two games halves of an eventual whole. Separate, but equally amazing.

Gamespy - Rating: 90%
In the end, a game hasn't oozed this much style since the release of Max Payne. The gameplay, the story, the graphics -- the entire presentation is topnotch. Many developers have very ambitious goals but end up leaving a lot of the substance on the cutting room floor. For the most part, the team at Illusion Softworks set their sights high and came close to nailing the bulls-eye.

Gaming llustrated - Rating: 90%
It stands toe to toe with GTA 3 and doesn't back down, a sign of real quality and a huge compliment. The two titles compliment each other and both deserve to be in your collection.

IGN - Rating: 92%
Mafia is a great game with some minor problems that are easily forgotten once you get into the meat of the game. While I still wish that I could skip through some of the driving, it isn't anywhere near a big enough failing for me not to heartily recommend this game to anyone that likes action and especially those that love the depression gangster era. Mafia is dripping with style and class and has certainly shoved itself into the ranks of the best games of this year, which as you know has already had some incredible titles.

NeoSeeker - Rating: 90%
Mafia is the type of game that will stick in your mind for a long time. There are many memorable gaming moments that you?ll want to replay at least a couple more times. The atmosphere is rich, with a classic feel. Mafia is a lot like watching a time-honored movie like the Godfather. Even when you know the plot you watch it again because the story is so compelling. While it does have some obvious flaws, Mafia is a game that should not be passed up.

Oc Prices - Rating: 90%
GTA set the standard in terms of living, breathing, game environments, but Mafia exceeds it in almost every possible way. What we appear to be looking at is the evolution of action games as a whole, and if Mafia is anything to go by the future is bright indeed. Buy it, buy it now. If you have the PC power you won?t be disappointed!

Stratos Group - Rating: 90%
Mafia takes excellent story, game play, graphics, and sound, and blends them into a cohesive whole that earns it a ranking not only as the best game I have played this year, but one of the best I have ever played. I try not to write reviews that are just lists of praises, but with Mafia, I can?t do much else! If you are a gamer, you should have this game.

Total Video Games - Rating: 90%
Thankfully most of the missions are an absolute joy to play, with enough variety between each of them to ensure you?ll keep on playing. The game starts off with Tommy as a taxi driver and so the first mission sees you getting accustomed to the layout of Lost Haven, collecting fares as you do so. Slowly the missions will become more sinister, and see you performing money collection duties, seeking revenge on other gangs, assassinations, body guarding right up to racing in a motorcar race!!! The variety is what keeps it fresh and ensures that you want to see what the next mission has in store, along with the next fantastically created cut-scene.

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