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Get rid of that goddam jacket Paulie – 47 viewsAs much as I like Mafia Classic Mod Deluxe
some of the textures are an eyesore especially
Paulies awful suit he wears - I managed to eventually
find the files to get rid of the trousers but for
the life of me can\'t get rid of that jacket.
When Time Stopped 1 – 46 viewsI believe this is what is known as
kinetics in Mafia CoLH. Anyway
I had just broken into his car
and entered as he was about to
do the same and he froze on the
4 commentsMuggy
When Time Stopped 2 – 26 viewsI drove to the same spot and
he was still there.
OMG Rediculous FPS  – 30 viewsUsing dgvoodoo, widescreen fix with FPS limit to 250
applied the dx8-dx9 fix and 4GB patch for the game.exe
Installed mods are Neutral, Pinkshit and Ajay\\\'s Mafia
Classic Mod Deluxe and RCF 1.6.1. Now just to say even
if you do manage to unlock the FPS cap for Mafia it will
still lower to around 39 - 40 FPS in places because that
is how the game runs; not a lot can be done about this.
Celeste Marque 500 location – 31 viewsWhen I got to Roy\'s Grill to steal the car it was not
there. I followed the map coordinates to this house
which if you know the game will recognize.
Game 2018-07-28 21-44-00-41.png
Vroom – 42 viewsHow the tables have turned.AsaSK
Game-with-manual 2018-05-04 20-32-46-71.png
Race!!!! - Hunter – 78 viewsMy best times.Hunter
giant copper copy.jpg
LOST HEAVEN CHRONICLE: Giant LHPD officer attacks Oakwood house! – 274 views(alternative title: \\\'Never try and MafiaCon away as you\\\'re being arrested\\\')3 commentsAsaSK
Tommy & Paulie stop for a breather on the fire escape – 191 viewsAsaSK
Hey Sam, move it.jpg
Hey, Sam, move it – 195 viewsDrove the truck back to Salieris Warehouse
but Sam did not turn up so went searching
for him; found him just standing near Giuliano
Bridge - not moving.
Whoops! – 327 viewsMuggy
Alternative Rubout – 245 viewsMuggy
Headlights  – 245 views1 commentsMuggy
View down Central Island – 175 viewsMuggy
Traffic holdup on Terranova Bridge – 155 viewsOnce I got back in my vehicle the driver
in the blue Blackhawk doth protest too
much, so I shot him.
Looking down river from Terranova Bridge – 156 viewsI can see why so many images for Mafia are taken from
this point - it definitely is the best view across or down
the river.
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