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Water Green Shader – 49 viewsAs you see the water has turned orange (sarcasm)2 commentsMuggy
Vintage Shootout – 375 views1 commentsMuggy
Up Close n Personal – 359 views1 commentsMuggy
Each day the citizens of Lost Heaven face the same temptation – 195 viewsAsaSK
Show(er) and Tell – 298 viewsMuggy
Frank was having problems. – 394 viewsIn all of Salieri\\\\\\\'s years, he had never been so terrified.2 commentshoggster
Mercetram – 371 views1 commentsMuggy
Out Of Fuel – 391 viewsRemoved baseball bat and replaced with a French stick.

Tesco is a supermarket in the UK
7 commentshoggster
An interesting find – 132 viewsLooking through some mission files I found something interesting.
In the last mission, \'game over\' text (i.e. \'Paulie died\', etc) is omitted from the \'endofmission\' command, despite a text string being present in the script. Tracing the number back to \'textdb_en.txt\' revealed that it and another string above it had been deleted. The strings were originally numbered for the farm mission, and for whatever reason their string IDs were left in the game code for missions 16 & 20.. I wonder what they said?
behars Widescreen Fix better than Optimized – 64 viewsIn this I increased the draw distance to 3000
and also the FPS to 120.
2 commentsMuggy
One too many  – 150 viewsMuggy
Game 2017-02-02 23-19-11-17.jpg
Leica publicity – 205 viewsI shoot vintage Leica cameras, so I wanted something that would show that in my Lost Heaven reality. This publicity was inspired by real photo from the 1930s.menju
game 2015-09-14 23-53-32-87.jpg
Erm – 342 viewsNot entirely sure what was going on here on the rooftops of Downtown Lost Heaven1 commentsAsaSK
game 2013-05-15 10-42-52-84.png
Issues with gravity – 431 viewsTommy playing at being spiderman ;)4 commentsAsaSK
Game 2013-05-12 12-43-57-84.jpg
Mafiascene Zeppelin – 503 views3 commentsVentilator
Multi Headed Monster – 391 viewsgetting the crowd together for my football scene I assembled 8 actors with animations all in one place, prior to placing and duping the,m1 commentsMatteoCapoletti
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