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Antonino Joseph Accardo – 72 viewsAccardo was boss from 1947 to 1957
of the Chicago Outfit yet even when
he handed over the mantle to Giancana
he still held great influence and authority;
one of the most powerful and richest mob
bosses of all time.
Irish-American lineup.jpg
Lineup – 80 viewsLineup: Vincent Mad Dog Col (far right)l, Notorious
Irish-American mob hitman (1908-1932) who had been
recruited to assassinate Lucky Luciano in a plot foiled by
a tip-off
Joe Adonis – 72 viewsNew York mobster (1902-1971) influential
in the rise of the modern Cosa Nostra
Johnny Torrio.jpg
Johnny Torrio – 67 viewsIncredibly influential mobster who
mentored Al Capone and helped
build the Chicago Outfit in the 1920s
Capone (colorized) – 270 viewsMuggy
Obvious Photoshop – 206 viewsClearly this photo has been either photoshopped
or similarly edited. Capone-s texture is different
from that of Chaplin and the women he is with.

Mind you I just love the expression on the woman
standing to the left of Capone. lol
al capone colourized.jpg
Capone (colorized 2) – 236 views2 commentsMuggy
capone in florida c.1929.jpg
Al Capone in South Florida c.1929 – 181 viewsMuggy
capone and sonny.jpg
Al Capone and Sonny – 196 viewsThis photo of Al and his son Sonny was taken on
September 9th 1931. It was at a charity game
between the Chicago White Sox and Chicago Cubs.
The game ended with the Cubs winning 3-0
Rare Photo of Al Capone – 197 viewsEarly daysMuggy
Jack Ignazio Dragna – 182 viewsJack Ignatius Dragna (April 18, 1891 – February 23, 1956) was an American Mafia member and
Black Hander who was active in both Italy and the United States in the 20th century. He
was active in bootlegging in California during the Prohibition Era in the United States. In
1931, he succeeded Joseph Ardizzone as the boss of the Los Angeles crime family after
Ardizzone-s mysterious disappearance and death in 1931. Both James Ragen and Earl Warren
dubbed Dragna the (Capone of Los Angeles). Dragna remained the boss of the Los Angeles crime family from 1931 until his death in 1956.
Joe Profaci – 167 viewsGiuseppe (Joe) Profaci (October 2, 1897–June 7, 1962) was a New York Cosa Nostra boss who was
the founder of what is today known as the Colombo crime family. Established in 1928, this was the
last of the Five Families to be organized. He was the Colombo Crime Family boss for over three decades.
Bonnie and Clyde death scene – 241 viewsBonnie and Clyde after ambush, their bodies are still in car.1 commentsMuggy
Vito Genovese – 176 viewsOnce the boss of the Genovese Crime Family.Muggy
Abe Bernstein.jpg
Abe Bernstein – 196 viewsAbe Bernstein (c. 1892 – March 7, 1968) was a Detroit, Michigan gangster and a leader of the infamous Prohibition-era Purple Gang with his brothers Joseph Bernstein, Raymond Bernstein, and Isadore Bernstein. Born in New York, Abe Bernstein and his brothers moved to Detroit in their youth. During their teenage years, they joined a juvenile street gang that was the precursor to the adult Purple Gang. By the beginning of Prohibition, Bernstein and his brothers had emerged as leading members of the gang.

As the Purple Gang members grew older, they quickly gained a reputation along the Detroit waterfront as ruthless and violent hijackers. However, they normally attracted little attention from police as their victims were usually either rumrunners or rival gangs such as the Little Jewish Navy.
The Purple Gang – 209 viewsLed by Abe Bernstein, the Purple Gang was a mob of bootleggers and hijackers who operated out of Detroit, Michigan in the 1920s. This group of mostly young Jewish immigrants got its start in the Hasting Street neighborhood known as Paradise Valley in Detroit\'s Lower East Side. — for further reading
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