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Nicolo (Cola) Schiro – 28 viewsShiro was an early Sicilian born New York City mobster.
He was the boss of the Mafia gang which in later years
would be known as the Bonanno Crime Family.
(b. Sept 2nd 1872 — d. April 29th 1957)
Vito Bonventre – 26 viewsA New York City mobster of the then Brooklyn Gang
which later became the Bonanno Crime Family
(b. Jan 1st 1875 — d. July 15th 1930)
Guarino (Willie) Moretti, – 26 viewsAlso known as Willie Moore. He
was a notorious underboss of the
Genovese Crime Family.
(b. Feb 24th 1894 — d. October 4th 1951)
Private Dining Area in Colosimo-s – 38 viewsMuggy
Better photo of the Dining room in Colosimo-s Restaurant – 36 viewsMuggy
Colosimo (before his body was turned over) – 38 viewsTo be honest I am not sure if the authenticity
of this photo can be proved. However if this
is genuine; such is the era of violence that
the US encountered during the early days
of Organized crime in Chicago and the
murder of Big Jim Colosimo in 1920
Gaetano Badalamenti – 49 viewspowerful member of the Sicilian Mafia. Don Tano Badalamenti was
the capofamiglia of his hometown Cinisi, Sicily, and headed the
Sicilian Mafia Commission in the 1970s.
(born 14th Sept 1923 died 29th Apr 2004)
Michele Navarra – 46 viewsa powerful member of the Sicilian Mafia. He was a qualified
physician and headed the cosca from the town of Corleone in
Sicily. He was known as \'u patri nostru (our father).
(born 5th January 1905 died 2nd August 1958)
Calogero Vizzini – 47 viewshe was a historical Sicilian Mafia boss of Villalba in the Province of
Caltanissetta, Sicily. Vizzini was considered to be one of the most
influential and legendary Mafia bosses of Sicily after World War II
until his death in 1954. In the media he was often depicted as the
\"boss of bosses\" (born 24th July 1877 died 10th July 1954)
thomas eboli.jpg
Thomas Eboli – 49 viewsThomas \"Tommy Ryan\" Eboli (b. June 13, 1911 - July 16, 1972)
was a New York City mobster, known for being the acting boss
of the Genovese crime family from 1960 through 1969. Eboli
was murdered in 1972, allegedly after he was unable to repay
Carlo Gambino $4 million dollars he had borrowed for a drug
deal, much of which authorities seized in a raid.
Tommaso Buscetta – 48 viewsTommaso Buscetta (Palermo, July 13, 1928- New York, April 2, 2000)
was one of the first members of the Sicilian Mafia that broke the code
of silence and helped authorities prosecute hundreds of Mafia members
both in Italy and the U.S. In return for his many testimonies he was
allowed to live in the U.S. and was placed in the Witness Protection
Program. He died of cancer in 2000.
Earl (Hymie) Weiss – 49 viewsEarl (aka Hymie)Weiss served as boss of
Chicago\'s Irish-Jewish gang in 1924, but
his rein was short lived. Weiss was shot
on October 11, 1926, after refusing to
make peace with the powerful Chicago
gangster, Al Capone.
giuseppe (joe the boss) masseria.jpg
Giuseppe (Joe the boss) Masseria – 46 viewsGiuseppe \"Joe the Boss\" Masseria (c. 1887–April 15, 1931)
was the head crime boss of New York City during the 1920s
until he was shot to death, seemingly on the orders of
Charlie Luciano at a restaurant in Coney Island in 1931.
Samuel Levine – 47 viewsSamuel \"Red\" Levine (b. 1903) was member of the
enforcement arm of the Mafia, Murder, Inc., a
notorious group created to carry out murders for
the Mafia. Levine\'s list of victims included
Joe \"The Boss\" Masseria, Albert \"Mad Hatter\"
Anastasia and Benjamin \"Bugsy\" Siegel.
Joseph Lanza – 46 viewsJoseph A. \"Socks\" Lanza (1904-October 11, 1968) was a
member of the Genovese crime family and head of the
Local 359 United Seafood Workers union. He was convicted
of labor racketeering and later for extortion, for which he was
sentenced seven to 10 years in prison.
Giuseppe Calicchio – 49 viewsIn 1909, Giuseppe Calicchio, an immigrant from Naples, began to work
for the Morello gang in Highland, New York as a printer and engraver
of counterfeit Canadian and US currency. In 1910, the printing plant
was raided and Calicchio along with his boss Giuseppe Morello and 12
other gang members were arrested. Calicchio received 17 years hard
labor and a $600 fine, but was released in 1915.
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