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Each day the citizens of Lost Heaven face the same temptation – 93 viewsAsaSK
Test 2 – 80 viewssee description for previous uploadMuggy
screen test  – 83 viewsTesting Water Shader Mod with
Wide Screen Fix for Mafia - edited
WideScreenFix.ini draw distance
and using Nvidia settings overrode
AA to x8 and set AF to x16 - will
upload another showing the water
and yes no reflection problems
Water Shader Mod - Reflection bug – 65 viewsMuggy
Reflection bug Water Shader Mod – 72 viewsMuggy
Optimized Mafia & Real Car Facing 1.6 screenshot – 112 viewsFor a while I had got to the point where I had actually
got bored with Mafia, now please do not get me wrong;
I love the game - however it had got to the point where
I was playing so long that it just lost its appeal - now after
a very long hiatus I am enjoying the game again.
2 commentsMuggy
Optimized Mafia screen – 101 viewsJust amazed how good this game still looks
despite the age. Yes technically there are
better ones but something about the first
Mafia game by Illusion Softworks just did
enough; a game that did not try to be something
it wasn\'t.
1 commentsMuggy
RCF 1.6 with Optimized Mafia – 83 viewsunfortunately because this was
part of a mission there was not
that much traffic - but having
not played Mafia CoLH for a
very long time; twas good to
give the game another playthrough
and with Neutral and Pinkshit\'s
Real Car Facing MOD v1.6 - good
work guys.
Screen Shot 02-22-17 at 10.39 PM.JPG
garage – 69 viewsGrzesiu
Screen Shot 02-22-17 at 10.45 PM 003.JPG
garage – 66 viewsGrzesiu
Screen Shot 02-22-17 at 10.45 PM 010.JPG
garage – 66 viewsGrzesiu
21s (5).jpg
167 viewsMafia in 21s...
21s (7).jpg
159 viewsMafia in 21s...
21s (1).jpg
151 viewsMafia in 21s...
21s (2).jpg
139 viewsMafia in 21s...
21s (3).jpg
194 viewsMafia in 21s...
2 commentsLucas36
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