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Dark n Stormy – 11 viewsIce
Appleton Estate Signature Blend
Ginger Beer
lime garnish
Beef a-la Fusilli – 55 viewsbeef mince slow cooked for 2 hours.
Then added oregano, basil, cayene
pepper - some lamb seasoning, salt,
ground black pepper; simmered again
for another half hour. Later I added a
can of scotch broth, also some chopped
tomatoes and some peas. Let this cook
slowly for another hour. 12 minutes before
the end boiled some fusilli pasta then when
cooked added the pasta to the mix and blended
2 commentsMuggy
Pork chop with rice and vegetable mix – 62 viewsIndeed! Flavour infused parboiled rice, chicken and herb, vegetables (lemon herbed) and one seasoned pork chop.

I\'m not gonna lie. This was bland. You would think all that flavour would go somewhere, but maybe it\'s just me. I didn\'t dump salt all over. But I did add salt and pepper to the pork, in addition to a spice blend. I would like to add chopped onion, which I don\'t have.
1 commentsHunter
Potatoes au gratin with bacon – 81 viewsDinner of champions.

All right, I lied. The potatoes were as bland as they look. Bacon pretty good though.
2 commentsHunter
Having a drink where Sam got shot. – 237 viewsSitting at the exact spot where Mafia\'s ending takes place. Taken in the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna, where the ingame art gallery of Central Island is massively based on. The ingame and real version of the building look so much alike, it is really odd to walk around it. I have been here so many times, yet have never been here before.

You know what the nice thing is? Not only does this building exist in reallife, it exists twice.
4 commentsMr Robville
MAFIA box contents obverse – 296 viewsTim asked me what the contents of the U.S. edition of MAFIA were. On this side, a poster, the manual, and a card\\\"Conflict: Desert Storm.\\\" Very thematic for 2002, eh? CD 1 shown for scale. The CDs came in paper sleeves.1 commentsHunter
MAFIA box contents reverse – 240 viewsTim asked me what the contents of the U.S. box were. The reverse, a map of Lost Heaven. Also more about some random game and a very general idea of the manual layout. CD shown for scale.1 commentsHunter
Enter The Dragon – 96 viewsMuggy
DVD-RAM 5x (item for goods thread) – 152 viewsImpossible to find!2 commentsHunter
Portland room.jpg
Authentic room picture – 150 viewsHere it is. Looks rather crappy, but on the bright side, this is exactly as it appears, no staging at all. I considered a little bit of presentation, but, eh. Some other time, maybe, maybe never.

Don\'t encourage me or I\'ll post \"Hunter\'s computers through the years.\" lol
2 commentsHunter
Desk top – 75 viewsIt will not last.. so savour the tidiness. lolz

Need to replace the keyboard; seen better days
but surprisingly after being thumped when Windows
has crashed on occasion - it still works.

*Oh My Days*
My PC – 77 viewsI did have 5.1 surround speakers, but this was
reduced to 4.1 because the center speaker
died *sniff* Once I get the new USB 3.0 dvd writer
I will take another photo once I have set that up.

also it was a good excuse to tidy up a bit lol.
Rose – 213 viewsA rose outside my apartment this spring. This photo gallery is boring me to death, so it needed a new picture.1 commentsHunter
Freshman Apollo 10C – 152 viewsThis is a replacement for the Tanglewood TNFS-CE which I took into Eric Lindsey for repair.
Got a call on Monday and was told the sound board was very noticeably dipped and warped.
This would have meant a new one complete with sides and back to be built which would have
cost far more than I paid (279) the cost was estimated at over 500... too much so got this
Freshman Apollo 10C priced normally at 349 EL had already brought it down to 299; I got
it for 288.
Home-made fish-cake – 157 viewsMuggy
Steamed Salmon Fillet – 158 viewsSteamed salmon fillet on a bed of coriander and lime basmati
rice with steamed veg, with a yoghurt and dill sauce.
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