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Rose – 128 viewsA rose outside my apartment this spring. This photo gallery is boring me to death, so it needed a new picture.1 commentsHunter
Freshman Apollo 10C – 88 viewsThis is a replacement for the Tanglewood TNFS-CE which I took into Eric Lindsey for repair.
Got a call on Monday and was told the sound board was very noticeably dipped and warped.
This would have meant a new one complete with sides and back to be built which would have
cost far more than I paid (279) the cost was estimated at over 500... too much so got this
Freshman Apollo 10C priced normally at 349 EL had already brought it down to 299; I got
it for 288.
Home-made fish-cake – 92 viewsMuggy
Steamed Salmon Fillet – 92 viewsSteamed salmon fillet on a bed of coriander and lime basmati
rice with steamed veg, with a yoghurt and dill sauce.
My Automobile – 354 viewsJust bought myself my first car. A 1969 VarioAutomatic DAF 44.
DAF is a Dutch truck manufacturer who briefly used to build sedans that were powered by a variomatic transmission that utilizes drivebelts that are squashed between metal cups causing it\'s radius to extend or decrease depending on the power given to it. This type of transmission allows the car to travel just as fast in reverse as it can go in forward. A nut like me had to buy an oldtimer as a first car.
Would be c
7 commentsMr Robville
Phantom Corsair 1938 – 181 viewsSmall school project.2 commentsdjbozkosz
Phantom Corsair 1938 – 95 viewsSmall school project.djbozkosz
Phantom Corsair 1938 – 91 viewsSmall school project.djbozkosz
Phantom Corsair 1938 – 85 viewsSmall school project.djbozkosz
Phantom Corsair 1938 – 87 viewsSmall school project.djbozkosz
Last bus has just gone mate! – 93 viewsWell this got me foxedMuggy
Walking canvas 2 – 166 viewsFleeing a line of bullets while perfectly camouflaged.2 commentsMr Robville
Walking canvas 1 – 161 viewsYou gotta look sharp, even when going paintballing.1 commentsMr Robville
Prawn Kari – 94 viewsPrawn Kari

Curry as translated from the Tamil word Kari
(which incidentally just means to cook in sauce or gravy)
is not found in Indian recipes; there is no such thing
as curry. Kari could be any kind of sauce, but most
Indian cooking does not use commercially made
powders but fresh spices and each recipe is as
unique as the first, none are the same.

Unfortunately I am yes using commercial purchased
spices and Madras curry (dried powder) oops I meant
kari (cook in sauce or gravy)
Chicken in a sweet chilli and garlic sauce – 93 viewsServed with rice, cauliflower, baby corn and broccoli Muggy
Awesome – 91 viewsSaw this yesterday late afternoonMuggy
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