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Francis Albert Sinatra, c. 1938 – 284 viewsThe year Tom fictionally testified against the Salieri family, a young Frank Sinatra would be arrested on charges of \'seduction and adultery\', aged just 22.1 commentsAsaSK
Picture Quiz – 137 viewsAnswer 1 out of 4 and get zilch, nada, nothing.
Answer all 4 questions correctly and go to the
top of the class.

No prizes just for fun

Q1: Name the two actors?
Q2: What is the name of this movie?
Q3: Who directed it?
Q4: What year was it released?
The voice of Sara, the lovely Cara Buono! – 338 viewsWhen Cara recorded her lines for Sarah at 2K\\\'s New York studio in 2001, she was 27 years old. In the picture above she is, unbelievably, 42.AsaSK
Polymer 5 indestructible myth BUSTED! – 174 viewsusing my fingers well yes my nails I tore a new
so called unrippable 5 - no scissors and no
sharp instruments were used. They are not
as sturdy as they are made out to be.
Sidney Poitier as Mr Tibbs – 177 viewsTaken from the movie In The Heat of The Night 1967
Quizzy Time – 250 viewsYes it\'s another picture quiz and it looks easy but...

Q1 What is the name of the character this actor plays?*

Q2 Who plays against him and what is the actor\'s name?

Q3 What is the name of the movie?

Get all three questions correct and there are 3000 BN\'s up for grabs

*Please note I do not want the actor\'s name (the picture gives it away)
If you include this you forfeit the prize.
3 commentsMuggy
O Noez Not another Picture Quiz – 319 viewsJust one clue. This bridge has a bit of history:

so where is this? and what happened?

10000 B/Ns
2 commentsMuggy
Limosa harlequin frog.jpg
The Limosa harlequin frog – 308 viewsAn endangered species, the Limosa harlequin is named for its patterns. This is the male AFAIK. Ribbit.2 commentsHunter
Picture Quiz – 313 viewsQ1: Who is this actor?

Q2: What is the name of the character?

Q3: What is the title of the film (movie)?

2000 B/Ns up for grabs
5 commentsMuggy
Boardwalk Empire Titanic lookalike – 310 viewsI couldn\'t help but notice the awfully similar Titanic lookalike in a Boardwalk Empire episode. Other than missing one funnel and some other minor details, you can definitely tell where the film-makers got their inspiration from. The enclosed A deck promenade, bridge shape, anchor crane on the foredeck and lifeboat arrangement were prominent Titanic features to name a few.
Please NO spoilers about the plot in the comment section. I have only seen the series till this episode. Thank you.
1 commentsMr Robville
Life on the water – 233 viewsWho ate all the...Muggy
Ford new car models 2014 – 204 viewsFord new car models 2014 .

Django Reinhardt Anthology – 230 viewsI don\'t remember what the hell I took this picture for (3-14-2006), but I guess it soothed my inner obsessive compulsive to arrange the sleeves like this and photograph them. A lot of stuff vaguely connected to Django as well as some of my favourites. It does all start to sound the same after a couple hours, though.1 commentsHunter
Will anyone make a mod for 1930 Henderson art-deco motorcycle ? – 205 viewsWill anyone make a mod for 1930 Henderson art-deco motorcycle ?

its a bike in prohibition era

Its really a cool motorcycle , no one will notice , even if this motorcycle

were sold as modern bike in 2014 . surprisingly , its designed , and made in

1930 .

I think modern designers are not doing their job .

for more design detail :
Back in the Day – 236 viewsWould probably have liked a site related category
but Off Topic will have to do for now

There was one snapshot of or where
the gallery could be accessed with most pictures showing - BUT I aint
scouring through em.
1 commentsMuggy
City details – 302 viewsDetails like these make the city.3 commentsHunter
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