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Aeterna Mod 11.0

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PostPosted: Sat May 28, 2016 6:53 pm    Post subject: Aeterna Mod 11.0 Reply with quote

I would like to present you a new version of my interactive mod! Aeterna mod 11.0


Small Town:

1) Replaced Skye, more suitable for fog.

2) Added name of fashion, as well as the slogan of letspleya Paradontsa. Posted in all game modes!

City - Day:

1) fan appeared in Tommy's house!

2) on a car in Chinatown and working-class neighborhoods, tips installed at a cost of cars at the entrance to the market!

-Night City:

1) I decided to return the city tax on property. Only now, the tax levied will start in just 10 minutes after the start of the game.
Every 15 minutes, your account will be charged $ 1,000, which is three times less than it was last time.
Make this a thousand very easily. Also, this tax is valid in all game modes.

2) Now of game modes City - Night Move the can in the City -Day trip.
To do this, activate the door to the main entrance to the train / train station and buy a ticket on the train. Uslgui Cost - 3000 dollars.

Countryside -Night:

1) You can now save the game from the comfort of the car, anywhere. Activation - dop.klavisha (Leap). Price - 2000.
Persist only when Tom in the car.

2) Added the snow. He will begin to go in 5 minutes after the start of the game and will last for 1 minute.
Then the cycle starts again.

3) You have the opportunity to find a hidden treasure. Although he did not particularly hidden! If you find it, you get
500,000 dollars and will live happily ever after! Fireworks for free!

Countryside - Day:

1) Added cues that Tom will speak upon the occurrence of oxygen starvation!

Improved / changed:

1) The village - night, removed the ability to enable and disable the urban music. For useless!
2) Village -Day - changed the sound of the wind on a perfect mountain top offensive also oxygen starvation!
increased from 5 to 10 minutes.
3) In the village -Night in the treatment avtoaptechkoy Tom, Sarah added phrase.
4) Upon receipt of weapons in the village -Night Tom, added a phrase Yellow Pete!
5) In the village -Day access to secret wheelbarrows made public. Now they just need to find and they will add to your collection of cars!
6) flag on Mount MaykaMausa added animation.
7) Booths poplneniya hdorovya improved. Now, they increase the health of up to 500 units.
Sarcastic Remove the hand washing at home, as unnecessary and impractical.
9) For killing all the bandits will now be given 500,000 dollars against the previous 50,000.
10) Now, if Tom's small scale of health, in addition to the corresponding phrases will still show reminder: "correct health."
Valid in all game modes!
11) Improved behavior of Tom after he becomes bold. Walk it will be slow, as people walk fast fat very hard.
"Fast Feet" also can not be used. Normal weight and this function, you return the doctor.
12) Improved script washing in the bathroom!

Also remember from previous versions:

Small town:

1) Right-hand traffic changed to left-hand drive.
2) As increased movement speed urban traffic.
3) Completely redesigned traffic.
4) Turbo-speed Tommy. (Activation - additional key Running / Walking).

City -Day:

1) Turbo-speed Tommy. (Activation - additional key Running / Walking).
2) Tom can smoke (Activation - dop.klavisha Crouching).
3) Tom can defecate (Activation - dop.klavisha Buzzer).
4) The hotel Corleone can be removed Putana! 3000 bucks.
5) The Salieri garage can fix the car and take the plank!
6) In the city there are two homeless. Visit them!
7) In the city there are exclusive cars, each with its own character! Find them!
Sarcastic In the garage Salieri can buy weapons from Vincenzo and remove the cars with the help of Ralph.
9) Some phone booths can change clothes, and some - to correct health. All marked on the map!
10) You can hire Poly as a bodyguard, to correct his health (stoiomst $ 1,000) and change clothes.
11) You can hire Salvatore. It's not free. It is also possible to correct its health!
12) In the China Town is the market second-hand vehicles.
13) In the house of Tom can change clothes Sarah and Tom. Save the game and improve their health.
14) There is a vibrant city.
15) In the Little Italy appeared automotive market prototypes! Buy himself into the garage exclusive cars!
The cost of any slot - 50 thousand dollars.
16) The house of Tommy can listen to the radio.
17) In the backyard, you can take a bath and use the ladder to climb onto the roof.
1Sarcastic Near the house Tommy can plant a tree!
19) If you can not find the secret car, then stop at the Beacon. Activate the door.
20) Tom appeared ability to become invisible! Activation - dop.klavisha "handbrake".
21) Tom appeared diabolical ability to move in space and time.
Activation - dop.klavisha "Jump." The function does not work when Tom is in the car!
22) Are you available fireworks and romantic dinner with Sarah in the restaurant. But attention, it is fun for Sarah!
If you come alone, then nothing will!
23) In the restaurant and back home, you can take a taxi. Vyzyvt they can: in a restaurant from a phone booth,
near the house also from the neighboring booth. Be careful, a taxi without Sarah will not go. Upon arrival, you have 10 seconds,
to get out of a taxi, otherwise it will take away you back to the place of its parking lot!
24) The Salieri garage, you will meet Frank. Since it is set up for you a friendly, then after a short conversation,
He will throw you a one-time bucks for the first time!
25) Poly can improve my health and change clothes!
26) Otpeyte swipes the second bum three times and enjoy the results!
27) In the backyard of the house, Tommy, you will find in the baking table. If you eat it, then Tom grow fat.
He has taken away health due to obesity!
2Sarcastic In Oakwood, Mode City - Day, there is a doctor, which for 5000 bucks Evacuate Tom fat and returns it to normal.
Even if you do not have the required amount, the doctor will do its job in debt!
29) In the backyard of the house, Tommy can now wash their hands before eating!
30) All of the innovations of this mode of the game, marked on the map, but only for the game modes City - Day!
31) Truck near warehouse Salieri has 4 assists.
32) Near the fountain in New Arce can drink for Airborne!
33) In this mode the game an opportunity to fly on avtomobilyah.Dlya to take off, press and hold
corresponding key. If you fly high the car will rotate around its axis. This can be used
for changing the direction of flight. Sometimes the car hangs in the air. To get out of it, use
function catapult! The car thus destroyed, and Tom is catapulted into the parking lot in Little Italy.
Fly absolutely all the cars. Only some fly better, and some worse.
Perhaps it has something to do with the aerodynamics of a particular car! When using this function, Tom will add health.
Otherwise you risk to end the game early!

dop.klavisha Gas - take-off control button.
landing control button - dop.klavisha brake.
ejection button - dop.klavisha speed limits.

34) Tom has an opportunity to relax and culturally rich spiritually.
Now you can visit art galerei.Dlya this approach to the entrance to the Gallery and activate the door.
To exit from Gallery back to the city, also activate the door to vyhode.S you withdraw some money!
35) Now on trampolines appeared turbo boost. At the entrance to the springboard, car accelerates to 200 km / h.
Valid only for the car, which is Tom. The remaining vehicles of the traffic passing a springboard, as usual.

City - Night:

1) The house is available Tommi.V house can improve your health! The cost - $ 1,000.
2) The function is available to save the game anywhere! Aktviatsiya - key (Dop.prisedanie!) The service is free!
3) You can turn on and off road lights. Activating the button (hidden weapons).

Countryside - Day:

Note: Since the weapons are not sold in rural areas, it can be found in different places!

1) Are you available a small park on the shore of fall forest lake! If you suddenly get tired, you can go there,
I sit down on a chair on the pier and enjoy the spectacular scenery. After a short rest, Tom's health
You can recover and continue your journey!
2) Near the farm you can pick up Sam, as a bodyguard. There you can replace him clothes and improve
health. The cost of treatment of Sam and a change of clothes - $ 1,000!
3) You will see a new location: Grand Kanon.Pobyvayte there if you need a weapon.
This place, a favorite place of urban gang warfare, where they get rid of the competition bodies. And so it was with two guys
of Chinatown.
4) You will see a new location: Mount MaykaMausa. The highest object in the game in the 3905 meters high!
5) On the mountain you can see the American flag here in 1932 voodruzhenny godu.Tak after they have left something for a
weapons !!! By the way if you see the American flag, you have played in the patriotic feelings, it can knock down!
6) As the mountain mikkimausami very high, then after 5 minutes, after you find yourself close to the top, or
on it, you start oxygen starvation and will be taken away health in random order.
7) Over speed over 150 km / h, you'll receive a cash bonus of $ 150.
Sarcastic In the countryside, you can find exclusive cars!
9) Since the Countryside long route, where you can accelerate to high speeds, then Tom is now
now has a sudden stop. Activation: dop.klavisha "Jump." By the way the car at the same time
automatically repaired! Therefore, for the use of this function you will have for each press, the withdrawn amount
in the amount of 3000. In order to teach it to repair the car for free!
10) In the countryside there was a turbo boost function for the car.
Activation: dop.klavisha "handbrake". Important! After pressing the button, it is only 30 sekund.Dvigatel car while is not killed!
11) In the countryside - changeable weather conditions! Every 10 minutes you will have to fill in the rain!
12) Near Motel in the village you will see the mailbox. If you activate it, then you will have a turbo.
Such mailboxes except the Motel, there are still on the dam and near the Farm!
In contrast to the city, in the village of turbo Tom has a limited time: only 1 minute. Then,
You will need to activate the mailbox again. The cost of this service is 2000 bucks!
13) Now in the village there were cops!
14) Now, on top of the mountain MaykaMausa and when approaching it appeared the effect of blows wind. What undoubtedly will add realism to the mountain.
15) You will see a new location: the manor "Round Lake". Beautiful scenery, coupled with the clean air and the filler
meadows, where the cows are resting!

Countryside -Night:

1) Tom has turbo. But neobychnaya.Teper has three gear change - (additional button Running / walking).
2) Tom has an opportunity to correct the health of the automobile first-aid kit. After the amendment of health, first aid kit next time you can
Only through use minutu.Rabotaet 1 only when Tom is in the car. Activation - (dop.klavisha Crouching).
It only works when Tom is in avtomobile.Stoit as 1000.
3) Now Tom has an opportunity to take up arms. The service is available only when the volume is
in the car. Activation - (dop.klavisha Beep). Once activated, the following use of this function is possible only after 10 minutes.
In addition to this feature, more weapons available elsewhere. Incidentally, in this case Thompson Volume 100 does not receive the cartridges in the holder, and with 200!
Price - 2000.
4) To fix the car, click dop.klavishu (handbrake). After the first activation, the second possible
only a minute! Price - 2000.
5) The village is very dangerous at night! In every corner of the unknown! Kill 10 mobsters get 500,000!
Mafiosi are located in different places. They need to find themselves, they will not look for you!

Warning: do not go with Sarah or bodyguards in the house of Tommy. Otherwise, they will remain there! Card is only valid for the game modes City - Day!

Download link: https://yadi.sk/d/IHqmCBHEs5gZt
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New Member

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 13, 2016 9:40 am    Post subject: Aeterna Mod 11.0 Reply with quote

Played your mod last weekend, its awesome. I relly like the mods where I can interact with the "originals" characters of the story mod.

Sometimes its funny that there are sentences in the mods, which arent in the game itself (german version)
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