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Trains, Vlak, etc..

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Mafiascene Veteran Modder
Mafiascene Veteran Modder

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 18, 2013 6:36 pm    Post subject: Trains, Vlak, etc.. Reply with quote

I've been looking into the mechanics of the two instances in Mafia where trains/wagons are used, and both are in mission 15.

So far I've been trying to recreate these instances by cheating it with scripts that move frames with variables, but this can only achieve a straight line of movement.

Looking at the script that allows you to activate the gas tank wagons in order to blow open Sergio Morello's hideout, I came across several commands that are obviously integral in making the object move along the paths set out for it in check/road/scene2.bin - I remember them being something along the lines of "wagon_setevent" and "wagon_node".

Does anyone know anything about the function of either of these commands or a model animation that makes the train's wheels appear moving? From the hex of the .rep for the cutscene where Morello escapes the train crossing, I found something like "15g_loko01.i3d", but when I did tests it had no effect on either human or model (model when used with "model_playanim").

Can anyone shed any light on either of the above queries? Many thanks.

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