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Changes to characters (spoilers)

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 12, 2020 11:31 am    Post subject: Changes to characters (spoilers) Reply with quote

I just finished the game and have been thinking why I never really warmed to any of the characters as much as the original. I've been telling my friends that if the characters had different names then this would basically be a completely different game.

Share your thoughts on any of the named characters and talk why you think they were improved or deteriorated in the Definitive Edition.

Tommy - this guy has more in common with Vito than with the original Tommy. It's a bit hypocritical that original Tommy feels bad for killing people in cutscenes but mows them down in game, but I find it more confusing that new Tommy seems to accept or even enjoy killing people in cutscenes (The Priest, talking to Vincenzo at the start of Just For Relaxation) yet lets Frank & Michelle go. Though Sam puts him up to saving Michelle, what happened to her being Sarah's best friend? What irked me the most about new Tommy is the dialogue delivery: finishes every sentence through his nose... its probably a microphone/recording issue, but it annoyed me so much.

Paulie - yeah new Paulie's voice doesn't work for me when he's being a clown, but it got really good during Just For Relaxation when he started being more serious. I came around to his arc of depression and loathing himself, I just wish it was explored a bit more than him just being a drunk for the entire game.

Sam - Sam's relationship with Paulie and Tommy felt more like a trio in the DE, which is good. However the story really turned things on it's head, really gave me mixed signals on Sam's intentions. His loyalty was noticeable in the original but he flips and flops in the DE. Ratting Sam/Tommy out to save his own skin but then turning into a dramatic villain for no real reason.

Luigi - This character makes no sense. In the original, he is like a heart of Salieri's bar, super nice but also wise. A welcoming character, made people feel at home. In the DE he's an ex-hitman who misses going out on jobs and rubbing people out. What? Why? Why can't Sam or Tommy go down that path when they realise they want to not be murderers? Just run a shop front or something rather than doing what they did.

Vincenzo - Again, in the original, a fairly down-to-earth character who seems to have a subtle darker side. Knows what the family does but doesn't play it up. New Vinny is a straight up loud-mouth crazy person. The most GTA character by far.

Ralph - I really like the fleshed out Ralphie we get in the DE. Brings some heart and immersion into the organisation. Makes the ending a bit more bitter when he is put into the cop car.

Frank - This new character bummed me the most. Is his accent supposed to be Sicilian? Sounds more eastern european. Original Frank felt like a friendly guy who had a life outside of the business, but was very straight. The new Frank is like a nightmare Dentist who takes things too seriously. I felt nothing saving him at the airport. I legit thought the game was going to have Tom kill him because of how little Frank was involved in the game and how unfriendly he was.

Salieri - Best voice performance in the DE by far. I felt the occasional aggression really suited the character and hearkened back to the original Don. One thing that I noticed was the old photo with Don pepone was only like 20 years before the game takes place, so how old are Morello and Salieri supposed to be? like 40 years old?

Sarah - I liked the extra scenes and backstory. It was a bit immersion breaking (what immersion was left anyway) that her character seemed to fit into the 21st century more so than the 30's, but you could argue all the DE characters were like that. Nobody is polite or respectful, really.

Lucas Bertone - I got excited seeing him in Fairplay because it seemed like he was going to be very true to the original. But then he's never in the game again. Awesome.

Morello - really well performed and felt genuine. Just wish there were more scenes with him.

I can understand the changes to the script, even though it changed so much of the story and intentions of the characters, but that's not the reason why the characters are so different. Most are just plainly completely new characters. It just seems silly to to go to so much effort to re-create the original but have so little in common with it.
Obviously sales and marketing is the only strong reason to remake the original at all.
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PostPosted: Sun Oct 18, 2020 12:51 pm    Post subject: Changes to characters (spoilers) Reply with quote

I don't have much to add as you've summed it all up perfectly.
I do like that some voices had foreign accents but I agree Frank was one of the worst changes, I really love him in the 2002 game, also kind of funny that Salieri grew up alongside him in Sicily yet has no accent at all.

Salvatore the safecracker was a fun character, but the way they made that mission into an insultingly linear breeze is terrible. in fact freedom of approach is very absent in many levels, while Mafia 1 is much more open.
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PostPosted: Sat Oct 24, 2020 8:29 pm    Post subject: Changes to characters (spoilers) Reply with quote

Thanks for the thorough analysis! I agree with it all

I expected Morello or his brother to be more scary, and fightworthy. Original Morello downright frightened me.
Miss old Frank face and voice. (Is his grave in the city map?)
Salieri was kind of too joyful and young-acting for his role and age. In all the game he has one Don-like dialogue (imo) where he warns tommy to not become someone worthy of elimination.
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