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Capoletti Dominion Mod

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Mafiascene Veteran Modder
Mafiascene Veteran Modder

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 30, 2019 6:36 pm    Post subject: Capoletti Dominion Mod Reply with quote

Preface. Well I am back to game. Life has been way too busy, or I let it be, but I'f decided to simplify life and work on what I love in the my free time. this antiquated old mafia game Smile

So that Being said, I am beginning work again on Capoletti Mod

Capoletti Dominion Mod- Keeping Power Is Not Half As Easy As Getting Power.

In the last chapter you one the war for Lost Heaven.The Five Families of LH are gone and you hold supreme power. ( that Mod was Called Capoletti Family Legacy downloadable here)Capoletti Family Legacy

But now you have to keep control of the city and you face an even bigger problem
You have to bribe, placate or eliminate the five Families of New York. It seems the families you took out here were all paying tribute to them and they have become angered with you and see you as a problem. You will required to do services, bribe or even kill the Dons to make your small place in Lost Heaven secure.

To do that you will have to go to places like

San Francisco
New York
And more.

There will be Memory Missions, Missions that Don Vito did back when He was just starting out in the 20's ( these are extra and don't apply to the goal)

And you will also have to make sure Lost Heaven is operating securely

These will all be represented by a mini mission Path that will have to be completed (when you complete them all you will receive a Million Dollars once you get five million you will have "won the game and become the Don

The Gangsters will be off the street and the speeding bonus will be turned off but if you wanted blow up thousands of cars you could short cut the missions. Weapons and ammo will be free at various places

Don't worry you will still have a lot to do.

Until this is taken care of Don Vito who is semi retired will still hold the big chair. When it is finished he will retire and Nico will become Don

To help you on your journey will of course have body guards and the Capoletti Family as Well as THE Capoletti Family

Don Capoletti
Mama Capoletti
Pete Capoletti (Younger Brother)
Bonnie Capoletti (Sister)
Deena Capoletti (Nico's Wife)
Uncle Salvatore
His wife (I forgot her name )
Luigi and Vito two Capos
and a passel of kids including one who will "make his bones" and join the family.

I am not starting from scratch I did a lot of the work I need already, as you can see in some of the videos below, these are just a few there are more.

Here are some videos of work I have already done

Last edited by MatteoCapoletti on Sun Dec 01, 2019 7:54 pm; edited 4 times in total
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Senior Member
Senior Member

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 01, 2019 7:10 pm    Post subject: Capoletti Dominion Mod Reply with quote

Good to have you back man!

I look forward to seeing more of your mod.
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