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Missing Eye Animations since patch 1.1

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New Member

Joined: 06 Sep 2019
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PostPosted: Fri Sep 06, 2019 9:52 pm    Post subject: Missing Eye Animations since patch 1.1 Reply with quote

Hey guys!

Fantastic site you got here, really great source material and I am so happy that there is still an active modding community out there who cares about this game.

Speaking of caring about the game: I recently wanted to play the game once more and ever since I noticed a couple of years ago that the patches 1.1, 1.2(1.3) remove the eye animations in cut scenes from the original Mafia Game, they pretty much freaked me out and I prefer version 1.0 over everything else since then.

I still got the old 3 CD Version (1.0, German only unfortunately), however I really cannot get it to run under Windows 10 anymore, no matter what compatibility stunts I pull. Was already thinking to try a virtual machine with XP or whatever instead. I also got the Steam version (why would anyone buy Mafia only once, eh? Also: English and Czech, yay!), however that one only comes in Version 1.3 Impossible

Here is what I tried so far:
- I tried the obvious thing: Unpatching the steam version with Bruno's Version Changer. That didn't work, as Game.exe doesn't seem to like the Version Changer.

- I tried installing my 3CD Version and swapping files between the Steam version and the 3CD version. The Steam Game.exe won't start with old files (Tells me that Engine version is older than client version), which then let me to swap LS3DF.dll - then you can start the game in "version 1.0", however eye animations still missing.

- I also tried unpatching using the unpatcher that comes with the "Lost City Mod" - doesn't work either unfortunaty (Game.exe tells me that files are missing).

- At some point I managed to make a patchwork f*ck-up of the game run somehow, but still got the eye bug. I assume this is all tied to the main executable - Game.exe. Really stuck now with this one.

So anyway, here is my question: How do you guys make your game run in Version 1.0 under Windows 10?

I've seen some threads (like this one or this one) that look like some people actually figured out how to get the high-poly models with separately modeled eyes & animations to work in the cut scenes.

As Princess Leia already said in Ep4: "Help me, Mafiascene Modding Forum. You're my only hope!"
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Mafiascene Veteran Modder
Mafiascene Veteran Modder

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 07, 2019 10:07 pm    Post subject: Missing Eye Animations since patch 1.1 Reply with quote

To run v1.0 you need to get hold of a crack for the game. The original 3 disc release is SecuROM protected which is not supported by recent Windows versions. Once you get past the copy protection the game still runs fine on Windows 10.

That being said I have no idea what actually causes the issue you describe. The patches ship with updated cutscene model assets for key characters like Tommy so it's well possible the issue is caused by them. In that case you could possibly still use v1.1+ if you replace the corresponding cutscene models with the v1.0 variants. However, simply running v1.0 is probably the easier option. Thinking
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