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Renegade's Mods 2018

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 14, 2018 4:30 pm    Post subject: Renegade's Mods 2018 Reply with quote

Hello guys, Id like to present my new mod.

As the title says, this improvement adjusts the traffic in the city and in the countryside. It also adds cops and gangsters into country, cars are in full colour spectrum, every car is included except prototypes (Manta is included), traffic density and count of cars is drastically increased.
This mod is including view distance and camera fix, so You can see the whole character (if you use my mod with widescreen fix) and the game looks better. Its increased the view distance (not only in widescreen fix, but also in scene2.bin) in all missions including freeride and camera fix as well.

EDIT: I added Real Car Brand Names 2018 mod, description and images at my channel Smile

EDIT2: The last version contains CARS THAT DRIVING TO COUNTRY FROM A CITY EXITS AND BACK IN CHINA TOWN, NEW ARK, WORKS QUARTER... many thanks to Firefox and his road.bin file.

This one is dedicated only for vanilla Steam Mafia, but Im sure at 99% it works on CD/GOG version as well.

!!!Be careful, this mod need to run a really good PC!!!

I had some graphical glitches on cars or in the air when I used this one with car texture mods, terrain texture mods as well. I dont know which mod is bugged. Please, send me a message or comment if the mod works good or not (please, use it standalone with no other mods, Ill be really thankful). 😊

Installation procedure:

1.) Run everything as admin - Patch the game.exe with 4GB patcher, then use the DataXtractor only open and close it..
2.) Copy content of mod (Missions and scripts folder) to your Mafia main game folder (where are game.exe and dlls located).
3.) Try the game, if you see from Oak Hill a whole town, then the draw distance fix works, if you see whole Tommys character, then the camera fix works, if you see more cars, more colours of them and types, ding ding ding! Bingo, your mod is working good. 😊
4.) Enjoy my work!
5.) Optional for better performance and no crashing - copy d3d8.dll (Crosires wrapper) into main game folder (where are game.exe and dlls located)

Known issues In mission Happy Birthday is camera set as default... I really dont know how to repair it yet.

This mod is usable with another mods which dont contain scene2.bin files.

Next mod from my workshop Renegades Traffic Improvement 2019, some pictures are up so watch my channel on ModDB.

Your questions and suggestions are welcome. 😊

See you next time.

Greetings from Bratislava, Slovakia.


In the next year I'll prepare Renegade's Traffic Improvement 2019 version which will include random cars in the city and country (just like in my video, full parking lots, cars beside police station, fire station, church, hospital etc.


Special thanks for MadMaxGamer from Romania (he sent me a lot of information for the basis of my mod, and gave me a permission to use his greate mod)
Then Golod55 through spartaque12 and Abradox from Russia - they allowed me to use Patcher.cfg/.asi to increase density to max and increase car colour/types variability,
And thanks to Abradox (and the others), who allowed to add my mod to Mafia HD Remaster Mod installer.
Michal Fojtk, Michal afrik from Czechoslovakia x) - Czech and Slovak - they sent me also a lot of information, how to work in editors etc.
And Tom Růička (Czechia) - This guy sent me the most important information which contained how to create movement of gangsters and cops AI with check.bin in countryside.



Images: ModDB

Channel: ModDB

Video: Youtube
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