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racing mod again?

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 31, 2017 10:14 am    Post subject: racing mod again? Reply with quote

I would love to have a topic strictly on the racing circuit championship aspect of the game that was dropped out of production for initial release; if anyone is interested?

Does anyone know the name of the mod which is a racing mod that allows Tommy to get out of his car and look around the track do other things? In the description that i found long ago, i'm sure it talked about him going inside the building, eating possibly mingling with the guests. i know that it is old but i'm just wondering if anyone has any idea about it? any other racing mods would be great as well to know about please.
I would love to see some more modding done strictly about the racing, more about the experience and the culture and less about being the winner.winning is good though lol.thanks for any input replies

ps. can anyone tell me how to reverse direction and also how to install different weather conditions such as those from the bgMMr files. I've had this mod working but somehow lost it and can't remember how to get it working again.however i have racing modded into the main menu and fully working.
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