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The best bands/artists

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 27, 2017 6:31 pm    Post subject: The best bands/artists Reply with quote

This topic feels more at home for me, I will only list stuff that helped shape me in some form, you'll notice most being bands from rock or it's sub genres, but I will literally listen to someone farting into a mic.

Guns N' Roses - The band that got me into real music played on instruments, they also introduced me to drums. This band started my addiction. To me their small discography still holds up, even with heavy scrutinization, unfortunately as a creative unit they seem dead.

Black Sabbath - Birth of heavy metal started with them and fittingly was my introduction to the genre, they are one of the most important bands ever.

Faith No More - Introduced me to thinking outside of the box and the weird/whacky side of music, and I have to mention Mike Patton here, who will prolly pop up again later. This band definitely increased my attention span when listening and more importantly the way I listened to music was forever changed.

Iron Maiden - Talk about consistency this band has fans of all ages due to their quality output, also some of the greatest musicians put together, up the irons.

Rolling Stones - These guys completely overshadowed The Beatles as the first rock and roll band, ofc you can't mention Stones without Beatles, you know what side I'm on Wink .Stones' place in music speaks for itself.

Pantera - The heaviest metal band ever, scratch that, heaviest band ever from a musical stand point, thanks to the pairing of Anselmo, the right mix oh and a guitar player who seemingly could make his instrument sing like noone have been able to since Iommi.. We miss you Dimebag.

Alice In Chains - My personal favorite 'Grunge' band and nobody could paint a clearer image of the world of grunge like Layne Staley. Most hardcore Heavy Metal fan would say, "Man that's heavy!"

Judas Priest - haven't listened to them in a while, but you know instantly when Priest starts playing and Halford starts howling, Screaming For Vengance is my fav album.

Rage Against The Machine - A no nonsense band with a clear message with an agression that breaks borders,we don't need the key we'll break in. Seeing these guys live should be on every music lovers bucket list.

Mr Bungle - Hi Mike Patton we meet again, his most famous project Mr bungle, where everything turns 180 degrees, off key, off beat and throw in some fart noises(I shit you not) you start to scratch the surface of what Mr Bungle is. It's that weird something inside all of us, it's music that is not to be taken seriously or it's nothing at all. Whatever it is I like it, interpret for yourself.
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