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Mafia 2 mods
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PostPosted: Mon Jul 11, 2016 12:44 am    Post subject: Re: Mafia 2 mods Reply with quote

donkeymilk wrote:
yeh Smile

I found a a couple of old files on a harddrive :
one is a saved page of the original discussion
and one is a list of locations in the mod that are worth visiting.
Here (might be useful)

It's only a a couple of kb's but i can't see a way to add attachments so i uploaded to a multihost again.

WHAT?! You should definitely play it. In this new version, you can enter the Empire Arms Hotel in Chapter 10 Room Service. You can also enter the part of the planetarium/observatory where Vito kills Carlo Falcone. Did I mention that it is completely in English. You have to love Zahar for his consideration of players that don't speak Russian. You have to play the new version of Friends for Life. Here is the link: www.playground.ru/files/mafia_2_dlc_druzya_na_vsyu_zhizn-67980/#comment-15136178

donkeymilk wrote:
casting ?

Another big mod is called 'Friends for Life' ,i haven't played it in ages .
There's a big link for it on Playground. ru (over 1gb) which might be the newest version.
The one i originally downloaded was smaller i think.

Also another big mod is called ' Back in Business'
I found another text file with loads of Russian translated stuff about
Empire Bay mod .
Might be something useful in there .
I think there's some lua .injector fixes and other info.

Remember it's Google translated ,so don't ask me if you don't understand Smile
If you know Russian then you can find all this with a bit of googling
at places like playground .ru
in the files/comments section and the forum.

Okay, but have you actually bought cars from Diamond Motors (car dealer)

Hey I need help. When I start the game, the map radar is not showing

edit: I fixed it by clicking on "freeride" instead of "continue"

/This is the third time I have edited your posts
due to the fact you do not use the edit button. If you have
something to add before you get a reply to your original post

Board Rules wrote:
Posting in the Forums
When posting please try and keep within topic. Use more than just
a couple of words e.g. "nice mod" or "when's it being released?" -
No need for two page essays but a bit more info or response helps
the OP (Original Poster).

If you do post and you think you may have left something out,
please use the edit button it is there for this very purpose. Any
extra posts from the same author within under *2 hours gap* will
be considered double posting and will either be merged with the
first post/reply made and the double post deleted.

Good etiquette would be to wait until you receive a reply; not
everyone is online at the same time.

*MS Staff*
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