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Prohibition Times - Story mod (RUSSIAN TRANSLATOR WANTED)

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PostPosted: Sat May 07, 2016 2:09 pm    Post subject: Prohibition Times - Story mod (RUSSIAN TRANSLATOR WANTED) Reply with quote

There will be an edit and more info soon!
This is a completely re-worked concept of THIS mod.
So a little boring story about who I am: I started doing serious mods for Mafia in 2012, when I met Slovak, named Samo149 on Mafiascene.NET. We started working together on mod, that was supposed to be set in Post-WV1 era when prohibition started and returning GI, Jimmy Thompson started working for Don Pepone. I must notice, that HBO's Boardwalk Empire series was a BIG inspiration for us Wink We unfortunatelly failed, there was no motivation for us to do that after some time, so we left works on it. For me, the early 1920's era is not very good, because of cars, city changes, etc. I at least released demo, that you can find here LINK.
After one year, I decided to use that concept and set it on 1960's. Of course, I failed, because it was impossible to do that in one person, and I abandoned whole Mafia modding for 2 years... Unfortenatelly, Samo don't want to mod Mafia at all anymore...
So, finally, let me introduce re-started mod.
I am offering you a story of Sean Mac Dowell, an Irish imigrant, who abandonned family in 1924 and went to Ireland to start Family Business with his brother. They wanted to make liquor and smuggle it to USA, but it all went wrong and Sean is forced to return to Lost Heaven, where he, unfortunatelly find her daughter missing and his wife death by "accident".
With nothing to lose, he decided to join illegal activities with new formed Salieri Family and Irish gang.

Unlike the original concept of Made Man, the Prohibition mod will be almost strictly linear, with most missions in "Joe's Adventures" style, but with more cutscenes.
Rather then "earn money and buy staff", I will use "complete mission and unlock stuff" concept.

I am looking for someone, who know, how to use Mafia Text Editor and will be able to translate english texts to Russian language, because Mafia mods are still very popular at Russian scene and I want them to enjoy this mod Wink

Mod will be released in ENGLISH, SLOVAK, HUNGARIAN and maybe RUSSIAN language.
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