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Mafia 1 - How to make spawn point in your mission

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 17, 2015 4:15 pm    Post subject: Mafia 1 - How to make spawn point in your mission Reply with quote

How I promised, now I will make little tutorial about spawn point.

I wanted to make video tutorial, but it is very simple, so it is enough just to write.

First of all you have to find your mission, which you want to use, then put all your mission files into one folder of type Freeride in directory C:\Program Files (x86)\Cenega Czech (?)\Mafia\missions.

After that download and then open your Bscript view 6.0, Load scene2.bin of your mission and go to title - scripts. There delete some scripts, which are affecting the spawn in the game to make sure, that nothing will make mess. In my case I will delete all scripts. After this you will click on instert → other.

You will make first point: Write name: start,
and on the right write this:

dim_act 1
dim_flt 1

findactor 0,"Tommy"
human_set8slot 0,1

getmissionnumber 0
freeride_scoreset flt[0]

if flt[0]>0,MNUMBER1,-1

commandblock 1
human_addweapon 0,9,7,21
human_holster 0
human_addweapon 0,7,6,18
human_holster 0
human_addweapon 0,12,2,20
human_holster 0
human_addweapon 0,10,50,100
commandblock 0
autosavegamefull 5570,0
freeride_scoreon 1
mission_objectives 22930029
goto NEXT

label MNUMBER1
freeride_scoreget 0
let flt[0]=flt[0]-1
freeride_scoreset flt[0]
autosavegamefull 5570,0
freeride_scoreon 1

Label NEXT
ctrl_read 0,OBJECTIVES
if flt[0]=1,-1,NEXT
human_setproperty 0,100,ENERGY
autosavegamefull 5570,0
wait 2000
goto NEXT

You will have to do this a few more times, but with other names and scripts of course. So go step by step.

2nd point, name: GameInitEnd,
write on the right:

enablemap 1
//taxidriver_enable 1
//police_speed_factor 0.57

3rd point, name GameInitStart,
write on the right:

callsubroutine "TraffSndSect"

4th point, name: TraffSndSect,
write on the right:

// Car Traffic Sound Sectors
// ------------------------------------

SetTraffSectorSnd "Primary sector"

And here is the most important point.
Name: emeth_1
Write on the right: nothing,
but you will have to set location of this point, where you want to spawn, so write some numbers to the whole box called Trans. I mean the X, Y, Z. Help yourself with Mafia World Editor. That could be all. Do not forget set it a little above ground.

After this go to your game and load Freeride mission and play! You should spawn as Tommy in a car with some weapons.

Just for information, size I set to 1, everywhere.

For understanding:
Eventually the emeth_1, emeth_2, emeth_3, emeth_4 could mean Little Italy, Central Island, Downtown and Hoboken in unchanged Freeride. However what else it could be.

I hope that this tutorial will help some people.
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