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 Lost Heaven Radio
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 Latest Concept art for Mafia III released.  

Posted by geran30 @ 1:46pm GMT on Thursday 4th February 2016[2 Comment(s)]

A new piece of art was released today! (05/02/2016)
View post on

View post on

 Mafia III World Wide Announcement Trailer  

Posted by Muggy & Mr Robville @ 1:33pm BST on Wednesday 5th August 2015[2 Comment(s)]

The trailer is here folks!
After long waiting (one whole week I know! o_O) we've got a taste of Mafia 3's atmosphere:

The game will put the player in the shoes of Lincoln Clay who hopefully gives us a different view on the world of the Mafia outside of the Italian families.
Also in the trailer you see a familliar -yet aged- face of Vito Scaletta, our protagonist from Mafia 2. It will be interesting to see how his story has evolved from M2 as well.

Let us know what you think in our Dedicated discussion topic

 Mafia III.... Finally confirmed!  

Posted by Mr Robville @ 4:46pm BST on Tuesday 28th July 2015[1 Comment(s)]


We already had our hopes up after seeing 2K registered a couple domain names mentioning Mafia 3, but now it's finally confirmed: Mafia III will be made.
It's the moment we've all been waiting for. More details can be read here:

The artwork shows what looks like a 70's setting with four main characters including a female character that we haven't seen before in a main cast.
What are your thoughts or hopes of Mafia 3? Let them know here in the comments or within the discussion topic: Mafia III Announcement Topic

More info from 2K games will follow on the 5th of august. Next week!

 Mafia III Practically confirmed  

Posted by Mr Robville @ 11:31am BST on Monday 29th June 2015[4 Comment(s)]

Good news for all Mafia fans!
On the 25th of june, Take2Games has registered the domains,, & Practically confirming that a new sequel for the Mafia franchise is coming. Source:

Although it's of course not an official confirmation, I don't think T2 would register these domains because they had nothing better to do.

I'm really looking forward to hear about an official announcement. What do you guys think? closing down  

Posted by Mr Robville @ 12:46pm BST on Thursday 25th June 2015[3 Comment(s)]

Our sister website has announced that they will unfortunately close their doors. was created at the time when this site was down because of hosting problems. It offered the modding community a new place to go to and prevented it from falling appart.
Because of's return, .net's activity gradually decreased over time to where at this point it's concluded that maintenance and upkeep take too much effort compared to the site's activity.

The site will be archived for anyone that wants to read anything back.

I think it's important we all recognize the dedication Joshua -the admin- put into the modding community and his site. Thanks to him we were able to go on when was down. Therefore a big thank you is in place!

 Lost Heaven Multiplayer - New Update!  

Posted by Mr Robville @ 9:02pm BST on Friday 24th April 2015[0 Comment(s)]

What better way to start a weekend than with some good mod news!
The guys of Lost Heaven Multiplayer haven't been sitting still. With their latest update, not only has overall stability and connection been improved, also their server browser has received a new and modern look. For a bigger changelog, see their topic HERE

 Merry Christmas and a happy new year!  

Posted by Mr Robville @ 9:22am GMT on Monday 22nd December 2014[4 Comment(s)]


It's that time again, the Christmas trees, lights, and unless you live in the Netherlands- lots of snow.
I think this has been a pretty good year for MafiaScene. The site has recovered quite nicely since it got aired again after the downtime. It's great to see that there are various active discussions being held on the forums and that the last bits of dust have been blown off.

There has also been some very nice progress made on the many mods here in development and it will be interesting to see what 2015 has to offer for us all!

If you haven't already been in the Christmas mood, check out the Sweet Winter mod made by Cukier:

Download Page

At Mafiascene.Net, Joshua has been setting up a system where modders can their own mod page with related download links. I think this can be very cool as we can create some kind of modders archive/database. e.g. It can be very easy for one to find all of the mods from one specific modder. When I get the chance I'll create a page for the Titanic mod, in the meantime, everyone is already free to add any content if they like.

Together we're keeping this community alive, cheers!

 Radio Update V1.1  

Posted by geran30 @ 6:47pm BST on Wednesday 1st October 2014[2 Comment(s)]

The radio is still currently in a Beta stage with much that could change. You can find it to the right of the page, feedback regarding the feature is most welcome via PM.

I have made a few updates today and are as following V1.1:

==Re named the module to something more fitting

==Also I have added a DJ's request button to the nav bar, this is actually a temp thing as I have a possible idea of making a link button to it and adding it into the module with the radio player hoping to have the radio and the "Song Request" button together in the same block.

==Whenever I get a decent amount of requests one of my other plans was to post a news post with a update list of what has been added to the LH Radio station.

==The final idea I am sharing in this news post is actually one I think people would love, I was planning on finding old period radio adverts and adding them to the playlist and add a nice atmosphere to the radio and website as a whole.

Cheers for reading, and remember... this family is your life.

Footnote: As this feature is currently in beta and is not fully implemented, depending on results and how all of the staff feel and member feedback it could go. But I highly doubt that...

 MS Modding Overhaul  

Posted by geran30 @ 6:55pm BST on Sunday 28th September 2014[2 Comment(s)]

Hello modders and mod users!

Today we have finally got around to doing the overhaul of the Modding sections and establishing the modding school.
We had this postponed indefinitely but activity has picked up so much with experienced Modders and new alike popping up everywhere that it was time.

There will be a Certified MS Modders group coming in the very near future hopefully as well for the veteran modders and to make it easier to see who can help you.

Thanks from the staff!

 We still got it!  

Posted by Mr Robville @ 7:49pm BST on Wednesday 9th April 2014[7 Comment(s)]

After went back online again on a solid host this time, we all had our doubts to whether or not the community would become active again.
Although the downtime did leave a great mark in this community, the last few weeks have shown that the Mafia modding community is anything but dead!
With some new major mods in development, it is wonderful to see how much we can still get out of this good old game.

The Mafioso Mod | Boz Mod | The Titanic Mod | WWII Mod | The Rain | USSR Mod | Ikarus Mod | Lost Heaven Multiplayer

From whole new episodes to whole new environments to explore with improved graphics, new weapons, vehicles, you name it. Even a whole new sandbox is in development which will combine all currently released editors into one plus a lot more extra features!

Keep it going everyone, together we are one proud Mafia (modding) community!

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